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College Majors and the Fastest Growing Careers

College GuideCollege majors make a difference throughout life.

If you have read my book, The New College Guide: How to Get In, Get Out, and Get a Job,  you know I put a great deal of importance on college majors and future career goals.  While I believe that college is not just about getting a good job after graduation, I think it should be a consideration when choosing a college major.

If you read one of my previous blogs about getting a job at Google, you know that having a good liberal arts education can be an advantage when applying for your first job.

Depending on your degree and in what part of the country you live, you may want to consider the following:

Associate Degree

  • Computer programmer
  • Dental hygienist
  • Electrician
  • Licensed practical nurse
  • Paralegal
  • Physical therapy assistant
  • X-ray technician.

Bachelor’s Degree

  • Accountant
  • Airline pilot
  • Computer engineer
  • Financial advisor
  • Physician assistant
  • Dietician
  • Graphic designer.

I have listed only a few of the many college majors that may match your interests and skills.  If you can, I suggest a double major.  This means you graduate with enough credits in two majors.  And I suggest one of the majors be in the liberal arts and one in a “practical” subject area, like computer science.  It’s not always easy to do but a double major can help to land your first job.