Easy read and down to earth!

I recommend this book. I previewed it and we offered a webinar on it at Hobsons.  Marguerite had many attendees and she knows what she is talking about given her long standing experience at US universities. Easy read and down to earth! As a parent of an incoming freshman thank you! —  Daniela Locreille, Director of Marketing; Higher Education, Hobsons

It’s the smartest investment you can make

“What happens when you can’t afford a private college tutor, or you don’t have the best guidance counselor? The parents‘ role in preparing their children for college has never been more important. The message in this book is clear: the right school is out there, you can get accepted, the cost will be manageable, and it’s the smartest investment you can make.”Paul Burani, sales executive at Google, Inc. and new father


Providing a Practical Perspective

“This book provides excellent insight into the college enrollment process from the perspective of an enrollment professional with over 40 years of successful enrollment experience in higher education. It helps parents, students, guidance counselors and international agents by providing a practical perspective to important enrollment issues that are critical in this life-changing event.” — John W. Hamel, Assistant Vice President of Enrollment & Director of Undergraduate Admission,
Suffolk University

An insider’s guide to the important 100 questions to ask and consider

“Knowing the right questions to ask during the college admissions process is a big challenge for prospective students and their parents. But no longer.  They now have an insider’s guide to the important 100 questions to ask and consider. Marguerite Dennis, a highly experienced admissions executive, has given you a guide to lead your search process. The questions cover all of the obvious and not so obvious aspects of getting admitted to the right college for student and family. The questions are relevant for both a U.S. and international audience.” — Michael Waxman-Lenz, CEO, International Educational Advantage, LLC

Helps students take control of the processes

“By asking a series of cut-to-the chase questions, The New College Guide helps students take control of the processes that most people find confusing and a little frightening. The book guides the reader on how to get into the right school, how to make the most of college, how to be smart about paying for it, and what to do after graduation. Answering the book’s questions takes work, but students will be rewarded with the confidence that they are making thoughtful, informed decisions each step of the way.” — Therese Kattner, Editor, Recruitment and Retention in Higher Education

New “bible” for college-bound school students.

“Ms. Dennis has given students everything they need to know about college—before, during, and after—priceless information at practically no cost!  This will become the new “bible” for college-bound school students.” Marie L. Brown, CEO/Founder Forever& Ever Books

Real information with Answers

“I think these questions are great. Posing these questions gives students and their families real information with answers that should generate additional questions that are individually relevant.” —Dr. Paula M. Rooney, President, Dean College