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BEIJING, July 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Have you ever seen an opera where the actors perform breathtaking stunts like breathing fire? How are Chengdu’s unique arts, like Sichuan Opera, becoming a part of an international athletic event?

There’s no shortage of operas in China, with Peking Opera being one of the first to come to the minds of many. But in Chengdu, opera is done a little differently. Originating 400 years ago as the fusion of different cultures from all over China, Sichuan Opera can be likened to a type of comedy performance where actors double as stuntmen performing insane tricks like fire breathing and high-speed, seemingly-magic mask changing.

Another hallmark of Chengdu culture, Sichuan Embroidery, also stands out from other sewing arts with its vibrant colors, 3000-year-long history, and over 130 stitching techniques.

In this video, American host Jack Klumpp gets suited up in real opera costume and makeup for his debut Sichuan Opera performance. He also discovers just what can be done with a little needle and thread when he learns Sichuan embroidery from a lifelong master of the art.

How does Chengdu show off its own unique style with classic arts like opera and embroidery? How are the University Games hosted in Chengdu going to take this city’s one-of-a-kind culture to the next level?

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