Introducing ZWCAD 2025: Create Amazing Things

Introducing ZWCAD 2025: Create Amazing Things

GUANGZHOU, China, June 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — ZWSOFT, a reliable all-in-one CAx solutions provider, today announced the release of ZWCAD 2025, the latest version of its powerful 2D CAD solution.

Elaine Zhu, Go-to-market Manager of ZWCAD, said, “We are committed to creating not only a reliable and stable 2D CAD tool in the market, but also a tool that offers powerful 3D viewing and basic 3D modeling capabilities, and is more intelligent and collaborative.

She added, “In ZWCAD 2025, we’ve not only refined our 2D functions, but have also introduced significant upgrades in 3D capabilities, the user interface and industry-specific modules. We’re confident that these enhancements can enhance the overall user experience and meet the varied needs of our customers.”

Now, let’s dive into the key new features and enhancements in ZWCAD 2025!

Efficient improvement

In ZWCAD 2025, users can open, pan and zoom complex 3D models faster and smoother. Tests on ZWCAD 2025 revealed that compared to ZWCAD 2024, the efficiency of opening 3D models has increased by 62.8%, while the efficiency of viewing 3D models has increased by 34.4%. These enhancements will offer users a seamless experience even when dealing with complex projects.

New Visual Styles

With the addition of 4 new visual styles for 3D models, including Conceptual, Realistic, Shade of Grey, and X-ray, and the optimization of display quality of existing visual styles, ZWCAD 2025 meets various visualization needs, ensuring users’ designs are viewed precisely as intended.

STEP File Import

ZWCAD 2025 can directly import STEP, including AP203 and AP214 versions. This eliminates the need for format conversion and enhances collaboration between upstream and downstream partners. Additionally, it allows users to specify insert locations, import methods and display settings to simplify workflows.

3D Gizmos

In ZWCAD 2025, three 3D gizmos were added to enable users to move, rotate, or scale a set of objects along a 3D axis or plane respectively. Beyond that, a Transform gizmo was also added to allow users to switch between move, rotate and scale more conveniently.

Ribbon Improvement

The R&D team has revamped the Ribbon to make it easier for users to customize their user interface. The ribbon can be slid out, dragged, floated and collapsed as icons, so users can build their own workspace that aligns perfectly with their workflow. Additionally, if they’re transitioning from AutoCADĀ® or a previous ZWCAD version, users can seamlessly migrate their CUIX settings to enjoy a familiar environment without the need to start from scratch.

Panel Improvement

The Panel was also revamped to enhance users’ drawing experience. Panels, including the Properties Panel, Layer Properties Manager and more, can be stacked with other panels or hidden automatically to provide designers with a bigger drawing area. A panel navigator is added to let users drag or dock panels more conveniently.

Floating Drawing Window

In ZWCAD 2025, users can drag drawing windows out of the program as floating windows to view multiple drawings simultaneously. If they have two monitors, they can move the floating window onto another monitor. This feature avoids the hassle of switching between tabs or launching two or more programs when they need to use another drawing for reference.

Point Cloud Improvement

ZWCAD 2025 has added 3 new visual styles including Intensity, Elevation, and Classification and users can configure the color of point clouds. Plus, they can observe the interior of a building easier with the Navigate to Scan View function. These improvements are designed to meet diverse visualization needs and offer designers clearer insights into the designs.

GIS Improvement

Users can import more mapping services such as Bing Maps, ArcGIS and services compliant with OGC standards. Additionally, they can match the geographic marker with the insertion point specified in the drawing by specifying the latitude and longitude. These improvements allow professionals to integrate GIS data more easily and accurately for better decision-making.

Explore More in ZWCAD 2025

To explore these new features and enhancements in detail, along with more updates included in ZWCAD 2025, check out What’s New in ZWCAD 2025.


ZWSOFT aims to provide reliable all-in-one CAx (CAD/CAE/CAM) solutions for designers and engineers worldwide and enables them to streamline complex design workflows at a fair and reasonable price. Since ZWSOFT’s inception in 1998, over 1.4 million customers from more than 90 countries have chosen our products and solutions to solve their design challenges. Among the list are the world’s most innovative companies across various industries, including Saint-Gobain, LG, and Ericsson.


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