Luxury’s Digital Evolution: SYKY Ushers in New Designer Era with Platform Launch during London Fashion Week

Luxury’s Digital Evolution: SYKY Ushers in New Designer Era with Platform Launch during London Fashion Week

  • SYKY launches its fashion platform during London Fashion Week, showcasing physical and digital fashion.
  • The luxury fashion platform offers global digital designers the ability to showcase their work, starting with the SYKY Collective, and enabling users to discover, curate, trade, and share their favorite fashion collections.
  • SYKY’s platform will feature both digital and select physical fashion collections for purchase.
  • An industry-first, SYKY blends technology, fashion, and identity by empowering creators and collectors to curate personalized digital ‘Collections’, inspiring a new vision for self-expression.
  • The SYKY Collective’s exclusive drops will be available for purchase on Beginning September 15, leading digital luxury designer Fanrui Sun will launch her first capsule collection under her label Sunw, which will include both physical and digital pieces.

LONDON, Sept. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, SYKY announced its innovative luxury fashion platform, setting a new standard for retail, presenting a fresh vision for digital identity, and spotlighting emerging global luxury designers. Officially launching tomorrow, SYKY invites users to discover digital fashion through the platform’s blend of cutting-edge technology, luxurious aesthetics, and personal customization which uniquely position it to reimagine the digital fashion experience.

To celebrate the launch of the SYKY Platform, SYKY has partnered with the British Fashion Council to host a special evening event on Friday, September 15. An official calendar event during London Fashion Week this year, the high-profile gathering will showcase digital fashion as an integral cornerstone of the luxury fashion industry, further proving that the future of fashion is both physical and digital. 

“Consumers already live in both physical and digital worlds, and the SYKY platform is both a testament to that fact as well as a call to action for the entire fashion industry,” said Alice Delahunt, Founder and CEO of SYKY. “We’re focused on building a world with blended realities, built on-chain, that gives consumers new ways to express themselves through fashion while championing the global talent we believe will lead the luxury fashion houses of the future. This is SYKY’s first step into that future, and we look forward to not just keeping pace with the world but leading the way.”

Key Features of the SYKY Platform:

  • Exclusive Luxury Drops: Global digital designers, including the SYKY Collective and established fashion houses, will showcase their luxury drops, ranging from digital-only apparel, footwear, and accessories to physical one-of-ones and AR luxury fashion.
  • Personalized Collections: Users, designers, and brands can create their own SYKY “Collections,” which are curated displays consisting of their individual digital collectibles. By curating their own Collections —via their cryptocurrency wallet— users can express their unique identity and point of view on digital fashion, while brands can expand their narratives and tap into an entirely new audience.
  • Discoverability: The SYKY platform fosters a vibrant community of global luxury fashion designers, established fashion houses, and design enthusiasts through a variety of channels that enable them to connect, share ideas, establish partnerships, and inspire one another.
  • Secondary Marketplace: Holders of the fashion industry’s most esteemed on-chain drops can buy, sell, and trade their digital assets on the SYKY platform. An industry first, this secondary marketplace creates a crossroads for digital fashion in its various forms and allows collectors to rediscover highly coveted pieces.

The SYKY platform offers a vast array of fashion items, beginning with the designs of The 2023 SYKY Collective. These global designers, who work in both digital and physical mediums, are undergoing an incubation process that positions them to become the leading luxury fashion houses of the future. The 2023 SYKY Collective is set to release exclusive drops on to accompany the platform launch, starting with two of the Collective’s global designers: 

  • Sunw: Sunw is a London-based label from Chinese designer Fanrui Sun. Sunw is the first to launch on on September 15. Sunw is inspired by ultramodern aesthetics and by pushing the boundaries of textiles and fabrics in spatial environments challenging conventional notions of the body and gender identity, forging a new symbiotic ‘ecology’ connecting nature, humanity and the non-human. Sunw’s collection features two components:
    • Two distinct digital fashion items with an allocation of 20 each
    • A custom 1:1 digital and physical handbag
  • GLITCHOFMIND: A visual artist and photographer from the Dominican Republic based in The Netherlands – GLITCHOFMIND innovates by blending 3D design with VR sculpting and AI-generated textures to create editorial digital fashion inspired by his experiences as a black-queer Latin American. His work has been exhibited in Art Basel Miami, Montreal, Amsterdam, Paris, Seoul, China, Rome and more. He will launch his collection in October, 2023.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to launch the SYKY platform alongside Sunw,” said Delahunt. “Fanrui Sun is already recognized as one of the foremost talents in the digital space, and we’re honored to bring her work to new audiences with her first capsule collection under her own name. I’m particularly excited about a handbag she’s designed—a 3D-printed, resin-and-electroplated collectible with a digital twin—that perfectly encapsulates her fluid understanding of our hybrid world. We anticipate that this bag will set a precedent for bridging physical and digital fashion.”

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About SYKY: SYKY is a luxury fashion platform building the future of fashion. In January 2023, SYKY closed its $10.5M Series A Funding Round, led by Seven Seven Six. Shortly after, SYKY launched its Keystone collection, a membership pass for fashion enthusiasts, leaders and collectors who aim to shape the future of fashion in digital, physical and augmented worlds. SYKY debuted digital designers during NYFW23, and has since partnered with leading established fashion brands to bridge the gap between the world of luxury fashion, digital design and Web3. This past June, SYKY was selected among hundreds of candidates as one of the World Economic Forum’s “Technology Pioneers” for 2023.

Additional information can be found in the SYKY media kit.


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