Revolutionizing Creative Industries: PromeAI’s Breakthrough in AI-Driven Image Generation

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A generative AI startup at the just-ended Visual 1st: Annual Conference in San Francisco captured  the interest of all attendees and was awarded the Best of Show Award. As an renowned event, Visual 1st facilitates innovation and partnerships in the photographic and multimedia industries. With their SaaS products, the AI-powered visual generation tool PromeAI and the image editing platform, LibAI Lab extensively impressed the organizers and all the guests.

PromeAI offers a highly acclaimed feature called Sketch Rendering, which has gained significant popularity among architects and interior designers. With this feature, designers can effortlessly transform their sketches, 3D models, and professional images such as site plans, floor plans, cross-sectional architectural drawings, and landscape architectural drawings into various stylistic renderings, resulting in realistic visuals. This feature enables designers’ access to an infinite supply of inspiration and greatly streamlines the communication process with clients, providing immense convenience.

Apart from Sketch Rendering, PromeAI offers numerous industry-specific solutions for different sectors. AI Image Generation provides artists and designers with an additional source of inspiration and allows ordinary people who lack drawing skills to embrace creativity. Background Diffusion assists e-commerce businesses in producing visually striking product images, while AI Supermodel generates lifelike models that are on par with commercial shoots, therefore minimizing the need for covering expense of hiring models and photographers.

Conversely, Creative Fusion differs from the aforementioned features. With just an original photo and reference images, users can produce high-quality output visuals by blending the styles of the two inputs. Previously, people could only obtain HD images by using a Language User Interface (LUI), where a series of prompts were inputted. Similar AI drawing websites include Midjourney, Adobe Firefly, and others.

The release of this AI-driven creative image generator by PromeAI on September 11, 2023 marks a new phase in AI image-to-image technology, significantly improving image generation efficiency while reducing copyright risks. It is anticipated that this invention would spark immense potential in the creativity and marketing sectors. Similar demands continue to be developed and addressed continuously.

In the furtherance of establishing a sizable user base during its development, PromeAI has drawn attention from various professional organizations. For instance, PromeAI received recognition as a finalist in the Digital Innovation in Art Award 2023, organized by the top-level domain provider, alongside Stability AI. Moreover, PromeAI was invited as a guest speaker at the BRIFW & Wired Conference 2023, where an online demo presentation showcased how technology enables brands and designers to create personalized and immersive user experiences on a global scale using visual artificial intelligence.

Regarding the initial intention of the website, Dr. Yong Tang, the CEO and founder of PromeAI, remarked, “Rather than being limited to a recreational tool, PromeAI has always been dedicated to strengthening diverse businesses through image generation that is equally precise and controllable. We originated by servicing small businesses, but today you can see some of the world’s most renowned e-commerce companies deploying our technology. In the past, preparing practical and high-quality promotional materials was the biggest obstacle facing marketing teams during brand campaigns. Now, brands can unprecedentedly scale up user-generated content, embracing creativity and improving efficiency with the help of our AI tool.”

About PromeAI

PromeAI is an artificial intelligence image generation tool that instantly produces high-quality images within just a few clicks. Say goodbye to tedious prompts input process and parameter settings. Numerous businesses and creators are utilizing PromeAI to enhance their productivity by up to 10 times, ranging from individual freelancers to big internet enterprises. You are welcome to visit their website for more detailed information:

The team behind PromeAI’s technology and algorithm is called LibAI Lab. Every month, the team’s products—which include standalone websites, mobile applications, and plugins—process or generate more than 250 million images. With 12 million monthly active users (MAU) and 70 million global independent users, they are among the biggest and fastest-growing AI-powered image service providers in the world. Launched in 2019, their flagship product,, has now recognized as one of the global leaders in image segmentation. The company is dedicated to developing innovative and user-friendly image application software, aiming to provide the best photo editing products for everyone worldwide. In 2023, they ranked 17th in the Top 50 GenAI list selected by A16Z.


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