ATLANTA, March 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — RMS Titanic, Inc. today announced the acquisition of all IP from Titanic Channel Inc. The acquisition brings with it a distinctive content catalog with stories presented by an elite and respected group of Titanic historians and researchers through a vast array of media including television, podcasts, digital media, and social media. This significant acquisition positions RMS Titanic, Inc. as the preeminent source of Titanic media. 

 ”The acquisition of Titanic Channel reinforces RMS Titanic, Inc.’s mission to preserve the legacy of Titanic and is now a part of a robust portfolio that brings Titanic to millions of people across the world through exhibitions, partnerships, collaborations, and technology”, said Jessica Sanders, President, RMS Titanic, Inc.

 ”I am proud that the original content and programming of Titanic Channel that has been created by the leading experts, historians, and commentators from around the world has a new home for distribution with the global leader in Titanic exhibitions, RMS Titanic, Inc.”, commented Peter C. Leeds, CEO, Titanic Channel Inc.

President of Titanic Channel Inc., Gregory Hall, added, “Titanic Channel’s goal was to have Titanic experts, authors, and historians create original programming that was educational, insightful, and entertaining and to have it available around the world. The acquisition by RMS Titanic Inc. provides for the sharing and promoting of the Channel’s content at the highest and broadest levels worldwide and we could not be prouder and more excited.”  

The acquisition of Titanic Channel strengthens RMS Titanic, Inc.’s fulfillment of its mission to preserve the legacy of Titanic‘s maiden voyage, subsequent sinking, and the memory of its passengers and crew for future generations.  

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About RMS Titanic, Inc.:  
As salvor in possession of the Titanic wreck site, RMS Titanic, Inc. are the only entity able to legally recover artifacts. To date, eight expeditions have honorably been conducted to the wreck site. In seven of those expeditions, artifacts were recovered, about 5,500 in total. Their exhibitions have been seen by over 30 million people in 33 countries worldwide. Learn more at www.discovertitanic.com

About Titanic Channel, Inc.: Titanic Channel, a global OTT Channel, has rounded up the world’s most researched and respected group of expert hosts on the world-famous topic of RMS Titanic. The Company’s archive of 300+ episodes include an elite group of storytellers enticing a diverse audience on a vast range of topics relating to the story of Titanic. 

SOURCE RMS Titanic, Inc.

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