The 5th Grand Canal Culture and Tourism Expo Arrives in Suzhou September 21 to 24

The 5th Grand Canal Culture and Tourism Expo Arrives in Suzhou September 21 to 24

SUZHOU, China, Sept. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The 5th Grand Canal Culture and Tourism Expo 2023, co-hosted by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, takes place in Suzhou, Jiangsu, from Thursday, September 21 to Sunday, September 24. The 4-day expo celebrates and shares not only the cultures of cities by the Grand Canal in China but also lifestyles around the world through a vast array of compelling activities.

Enjoy the Essence of Chinese Traditional Art

Featuring 11 splendid opera shows from 8 provinces, the opening ceremony of the Grand Canal Expo portrays the rich culture of the Grand Canal spanning centuries with stunning stage settings, trending music elements and award-winning actors and actresses.

The expo doesn’t stop at just presenting the fascinating canal history with performances, it transports you back in time with a Grand Canal Folk Art Lounge, bringing 118 different kinds of folk art back to life. Every few steps, you may encounter a master with extraordinary folk art skills. Whether to sit down and learn the skills or buy a lovely handicraft, it’s totally up to you!

Indulge in the Foodie’s Heaven

No Chinese celebration is complete without delicious gourmets. And at the Grand Canal Expo, you’ll have the ultimate foodie experience like no other.

Eat your way through over 500 kinds of mouth-watering specialties from cities alongside the Grand Canal. Besides savoring amazing food, there’s also a chance to admire the mesmerizing demonstrations of traditional Chinese dining etiquette and tea-making techniques.

From the Grand Canal to the World

30 countries and regions invite the audience to experience their culture and lifestyles through the engaging “The Encounter of Silk Road and Canal” exhibition, which spans 5,000 square meters of space. Embark on an AR tour along the Grand Canal, and immerse yourself in the gorgeous scenery and historic architecture. Within a few steps, you’ll find a World Canal Fair with booths from 11 different countries around the world, including France, Italy, the UK, Canada and Turkey, showcasing their captivating cultural goods, food and beverage, music, art and more.

Enjoy a sip of wine from the best wine estates in Europe; check out what goodies Japan and South Korea have to offer; and go on a sightseeing adventure from the lush Amazon forests to the breathtaking islands in the Mediterranean Sea. If you ever dreamed of traveling around the world and meeting people with diverse cultural backgrounds, the Grand Canal Expo makes your fantasy come true by bringing the world to you.

Highlighting the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Spain and China, the picture-perfect exhibition space in the style of Spanish architecture boasts the best of their local goodies, cuisine, and the charming “SPAIN TO YOU” art collections of Spanish and Chinese artists that inspire the young generation to explore the unlimited possibilities in the art world.

The Grand Canal Culture and Tourism Expo is an annual event that celebrates the vibrant culture of the Grand Canal with the world. Whether you are into traveling, culture or pure fun, exploring the Grand Canal Expo is always a guaranteed good time.

SOURCE Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

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