Wemade Unveils the 1st DAO Lineup on NILE USA – English Middle East – English USA – Nederlands

SINGAPORE, Feb. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — NILE (NFT Is Life Evolution), a DAO & NFT platform based on the WEMIX3.0 mainnet, has unveiled its first DAO lineup: WONDER DAO, ARTEUM DAO, DELTA DAO, and ORACLE DAO. Each DAO has its own community that works together to achieve common goals, like the WONDER DAO mission to grow the ecosystem.

WONDER DAO, WONDER 1 of 40 WONDERS, or node council partners of the mainnet WEMIX3.0, has been formed to contribute to the growth and advance of the WEMIX ecosystem. It strives to build a community that can continue to grow sustainably along with the advance of the mega ecosystem of the WEMIX3.0 via democratic and transparent management. This will be the first DAO on NILE to accept participants.

ARTEUM DAO is a community with a new concept for art collectors. The DAO as a whole aims to form a new art community that collects a range of artworks, discovers rising artists, and expands into the cultural business sector.

In addition, NILE is currently developing DELTA DAO, a WEMIX3.0-based automatic asset management protocol which users can use to easily access and utilize DeFi services.

ORACLE DAO is a protocol that refines actual data and provides accurate numbers in real-time by connecting with blockchain technology. The data will be utilized in designing financial products that can enrich the WEMIX ecosystem even further.

Every DAO is operated and serviced on the Neith Protocol, a programmable smart contract mechanism that enables the community to create, facilitate, and manage all aspects of potential projects including funding of the DAO, facilitation of the business or project, and distribution of profit. The Neith Protocol lowers the entry barriers to DAO creation, and community activities in scale and scope infeasible before are now made possible.

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About NILE

NILE is the world’s first DAO-powered blockchain NFT platform based on a fully decentralized smart contract infrastructure that will redefine the way we identify and express inspiration, creativity, and opportunity. NILE enables trustless and transparent projects in the form of concerts, art exhibits, sports, music, investments, and even businesses to be facilitated and managed through the DAO. More at www.nile.io


Wemade Unveils the 1st DAO Lineup on NILE

USA – English

Middle East – English

USA – Nederlands

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