Xinhua Silk Road: SE. China’s Nanping accelerates creation of traditional culture brand

BEIJING, Oct. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In recent years, Nanping City in southeast China’s Fujian Province, has continued to strengthen the exploration of the connotation of excellent traditional culture such as Zhuzi culture, tea culture and Minyue culture, aiming to accelerate the creation of a “benchmark” for the inheritance and development of excellent traditional culture, and fully launch the cultural brand of Nanping.

As the hometown of Zhu Xi, also known as Zhuzi, an influential neo-Confucian scholar, writer and philosopher during China’s Song Dynasty (960-1279), Wufu Town of Nanping has achieved certain results in the excavation, protection and utilization of Zhuzi culture, such as improving Zhuzi cultural tourism facilities, promoting Zhuzi cultural tourism projects and creating a strong Zhuzi cultural atmosphere.

In addition, Nanping continues to promote the transformation of its rich cultural heritage into creative resources and cultural tourism products.

In 2022, the city’s 27 projects had been listed as key cultural tourism projects of the province, with a total investment of 15.061 billion yuan.

In the future, Nanping will continue to protect cultural relics, strengthen the research on historical and cultural heritage, and accelerate the mining of the rich connotation of historical and cultural heritage.

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