Amongst a Plethora of Books Released Yearly, 3/2. Overhuman by Zhuma Bek Transcends Expectations of Narrative Writing

3/2. Overhuman takes storytelling to the next level as it takes an introspective approach to fiction.

As time trickles on and publishing books becomes easier, it's become increasingly harder to compete with the rise in published books in the market, and creative and fresh stories are a dime a dozen. 3/2. Overhuman, written by novice writer Zhuma Bek, despite the competitive nature of this industry, manages to break the mold of traditional storytelling.

The Creative Process

Speaking to the author about the origin of the novel's unique name, "Overhuman or 'Ubermensch' is a concept created by the German philosopher and poet Friedrich Nietzsche. Those dissatisfied with life turn to the idea of other worlds or another life. Overhuman delights in being alive and seizes all that life has to offer. If we enjoy watching sunsets, then why do we fear death?"

The Existential Question

Zhuma Bek explores the meaning of life as the book opens with a conversation between two people at opposite stages of their life, one young and the other old, with the older man forgetting who he is. The author writes about reflecting on one's existence via a series of events that hover between dreams and reality. According to the author, "Life is like a dream or a game. We spend it without being able to discern reality from falsity. It is easy to let ourselves get swept up in what is expected and ever more difficult to stop and ponder what it means to be alive. I aspire to demystify existence."

The book explores themes like family, love loss, and social issues. The author is profoundly knowledgeable and inspired by Greek literature, philosophy, and world history. 

The novel examines subjects like war and conflict in reality and within a person's mind. It also talks about evolution and what it means for an individual as opposed to a species as a whole.

Critical Reception

Due to its unique perspective that sets it apart from others in its genre, the book has met with favorable responses. It ranked #1 in Biographical Fiction, #3 in Memoirs and #7 in Coming of Age on Amazon Sales.


There are many coming-of-age novels, but there are few that reconcile physical and spiritual aging. Zhuma Bek aims to delve into topics few dare to approach and create enigmatic fables that hide the truth within them.

3/2. Overhuman is a refreshing read aimed at a wide range of audiences. The book is unfiltered and raw, touching many readers with its candor.

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Original Source: Amongst a Plethora of Books Released Yearly, 3/2. Overhuman by Zhuma Bek Transcends Expectations of Narrative Writing

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