Author Shaleen Makhijani-Shivdasani’s new Audiobook ‘Stepping Inside: Building Spiritual Muscle’ is a guide to create a stronger relationship between listeners and God

Recent audiobook release "Stepping Inside: Building Spiritual Muscle" from Audiobook Network author Shaleen Makhijani-Shivdasani is a daily guide for listeners seeking to cultivate a stronger spiritual relationship with God. Providing activities and meditations for every day of the year, Makhijani-Shivdasani presents an intuitive journey of self-discovery and gratitude.

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Shaleen Makhijani-Shivdasani, a certified public accountant who enjoys playing tennis, daily meditations, and travel, amongst other hobbies, has completed her new audiobook "Stepping Inside: Building Spiritual Muscle": a powerful interactive journal that provides a year's worth of guided meditation and self-reflection to encourage spiritual growth.

"This book is a gift that I give to each of you," writes Makhijani-Shivdasani. "The purpose of this daily reader/journal is to help you discover who you are, what your purpose in life is, and to deepen your spiritual connection with God. God loves you and wants to spend time watching you get to know yourself."

Makhijani-Shivdasani continues, "Many of these thoughts were written during times of struggle when my spiritual connection needed to become a stronghold for me. Some of these thoughts came when I was on vacation, at church or temple, resting in bed, in the middle of my workday, or simply enjoying life. Others were written when a loved one's life was in the balance. These inspirational writings allowed me to shift from struggle to serenity.

"How this book can be used is a very personal preference. Some may listen to it as a daily guide, others may use it as a gratitude journal. Some may use it as both. For me the purpose is simple: to share the spiritual messages and gifts of positivity, love, faith, hope and gratitude with all who read them."

Published by Audiobook Network, author Shaleen Makhijani-Shivdasani's new audiobook provides listeners with the tools required to achieve their spiritual goals. Each day provides a new opportunity for listeners to grow and cultivate their connection with God and embrace His/Her eternal love and wisdom.

Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of "Stepping Inside: Building Spiritual Muscle" by Shaleen Makhijani-Shivdasani through Audible, the Apple iTunes store, or Amazon.

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