Authors K. R. Snoek and Jimmy Gammon’s new Audiobook ‘One with God’ is a powerful tool for listeners to develop a closer relationship with God and oneself

Recent audiobook release "One with God" from Audiobook Network authors K. R. Snoek and Jimmy Gammon is a heartfelt guide designed to cultivate spiritual growth and healing. Listeners will discover an incredible journey to help them see themselves as God sees them and learn to trust that God's guidance and wisdom will lead to salvation.

NEW YORK - August 26, 2022 - (

K. R. Snoek and Jimmy Gammon have completed their new audiobook "One with God": a thought-provoking and eye opening self-help guide to aid listeners in discovering a more fulfilling relationship with God.

"God did not make us to feel empty, but to be full," write Snoek and Gammon. "... We are going to unlock and open untapped areas that may have been locked away over time or that perhaps you have never experienced. The journey will be different for each of us, but the ultimate goal is to find that place of peace within ourselves, a place where we can find the wholeness that He has for us. The road may twist and turn, obstacles arise and distractions surface, but each one of us are commissioned to find that inner peace.

"On this adventure, you do not need to pack or make detailed plans. We are going to let the path take us where it may. You will not need any money, and you will not need to use any valuable vacation days. The only things you will need are your heart, your imagination, and a completely open mind to the possibilities that lie within you. You may need a little patience also because this is not a 'blink and you are there' trip. This is a journey that should be dissected, thought about, and savored. It is a journey to discover our 'Oneness with God.' In the following chapters, we hope to open your eyes and ears and hearts to all the beauty that exists within you and the world around you. We hope to help you discover how to feel 'One with God.'"

Published by Audiobook Network, authors K. R. Snoek and Jimmy Gammon's new audiobook will uplift listeners and create the perfect atmosphere for self-reflection. Through Snoek and Gammon's guided path of spiritual growth, listeners will come to hold themselves in a higher light, and through the incredible power of self-love, become godlike to inspire others.

Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of "One with God" by K. R. Snoek and Jimmy Gammon through Audible, the Apple iTunes Store, or Amazon. 

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