A New Book Series for the Post-Dummies Era: Stikky Launches Highly Visual Direct-to-Consumer How-To Books on Constellations and Animal Tracks

A New Book Series for the Post-Dummies Era: Stikky Launches Highly Visual Direct-to-Consumer How-To Books on Constellations and Animal Tracks

ALBANY, N.Y., Dec. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Stikky, publisher of books for curious people, today released two new books aimed at the fast-growing adult market that values experiences over products. They are:

  • “Stikky Night Skies” helps beginner stargazers learn six constellations, four stars, a planet, a galaxy, and how to navigate at night — in just one hour.
  • “Stikky Tracks” helps campers, RVers, hikers, parents of Scouts, and other outdoor enthusiasts learn how to identify 14 animals from their tracks, poop, and other signs — in one hour.

“Stikky is for the curious. For those who approach life with a bit of wonder. Ordinarily, learning something new takes time, but luckily Stikky books are far from ordinary,” said Laurence Holt, president of Stikky books, and a tech veteran who wrote the code for what became Microsoft Outlook.

“As experts can tell you, our pattern-based learning method is the perfect introduction to a topic that interests you. It’s specifically designed to not just click in the moment but stick for good. In just an hour, you’ll be surprised by how much you’ll learn — opening your mind and the world around you,” he said.

Affordably priced at $12, the books are the perfect gift for yourself or others, available only on the Stikky website: www.stikky.com.

Stikky’s “how to” guides are aimed at people looking for a fun and interesting way to learn something new.

“Stikky books delight and surprise readers by equipping them with a timeless skill in just one hour,” said Holt. Unlike other “how to” guides that often provide too much information and are structured in a way that makes sense to experts, but not to beginners.

“The Stikky approach is based on how people actually learn, starting with small pieces of knowledge, systematically building them into a comprehensive picture, and providing a highly visual practice environment that mimics the real world,” he said. We created it because we couldn’t find a “how-to” book that took into account recent findings about how people learn. According to our research, most people read less than half of the ‘how-to’ books they buy,”

“Our books are designed for people who want to discover their next enduring interest. They are passionate about being their best selves and enriching their children’s lives with shared learning experiences,” he said.

The books are also perfect for the homeschool parent.

Comments from readers:

“Within 30 minutes, this book has provided a basis for me to begin a new adventure and hobby,” BR, Indiana.

“Yes, my brain is full, and I don’t have time to learn anything new. But the folks who created this book are on to something,” a reader from California

“This book at first seemed too simple. Then, after buying and reading it, I realized it was perfect. The information is presented in such a way that I feel I’ll retain the knowledge for life,” a reader from Dallas.

How Stikky Books Are Created

“We started publishing Stikky books in 2003 after a web-based trial generated far more interest than we expected. Our first book, “Stikky Night Skies,” took a year to create,” Holt said.

The series covers topics we believe will be of value and interest to anyone.

The Stikky approach:

  • Start with small pieces of knowledge and systematically build them into a comprehensive picture.
  • Make the practice environment highly visual and as similar as possible to the real world.
  • Organize the topic around readers’ goals, such as: how do I find North?
  • Provide plenty of practice—80% of learning is really re-learning, so we stage multiple opportunities to test and reinforce your knowledge.
  • Make it fun.

Each book is prepared with the help of subject experts. It goes through multiple rounds of review by test readers. We record every time they get stuck, together with hundreds of other suggestions, and make careful changes. Then, we go through the whole process again.

“We only publish a book when we know it works,” said Holt.

About Stikky

The Stikky series was first published in 2003 by Laurence Holt Books. The publisher, Laurence Holt, a serial entrepreneur and a fanatic on the science of learning, created the first Stikky books while on sabbatical in Umbria, Italy. The Stikky approach is based on how people actually learn, starting with small pieces of knowledge and systematically building on them into a comprehensive picture. In 2004, the series won the AEP’s Distinguished Achievement Award for Excellence in Educational Publishing. A major update and reprinting of the series began in 2023.


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