New Book From Janelle E. Wells, Ph.D. and Doreen MacAulay, Ph.D. Will Publish in August

TAMPA, Fla., June 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The authors of the upcoming book Our (In) Visible Work have unveiled a groundbreaking interactive web space today. This platform, designed to foster a sense of community and understanding, offers a deep dive into the contemporary personal and professional application of unpaid work, shedding light on its emotional, professional, and family consequences in the workplace and at home.

Our (in) Visible Work is the brainchild of two esteemed academics, Janelle E. Wells, Ph.D., and Doreen MacAulay, Ph.D. Their extensive research and expertise reveal that people with marginalized identities often undertake chores, duties, and responsibilities without recognition or compensation. These tasks, which include emotional labor, caretaking, and household management, are critical but often underappreciated. The book aims to bring them into the spotlight, where they can be acknowledged and valued.

On the website, The (In) Visible Work Forum allows visitors to document their experiences with invisible work. We encourage you to share your stories, insights, and best practices for making the invisible visible. At times, the authors will also comment on these experiences. The website also promotes the book with excerpts, examples of invisible work, comprehensive articles, and links to pre-order the book. We invite you to explore these resources and join us in our mission to bring invisible work to the forefront of societal discussions.

“Our (In)visible Work is meant to be an inspiring and empowering book that reveals a sense of shared pain, yet creates collective hope and action,” said Dr. Wells. “Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic was declared in 2020, this concept of integrated work and life magnified the need to bring visibility to the invisible. In general, amplify existing inequities, the pandemic helped reveal how our formal economy is mainly possible because of subsidized unpaid work.”

Dr. MacAulay highlights the connection between identity and invisible work by saying, “Marginalized individuals often assume tasks that historically have not been considered valuable or essential by those in positions of power, exacerbating inequalities. They perform the majority of invisible work. Their undervaluation affects morale, extracts an emotional toll, and has tangible career consequences — missed promotions, underrepresentation in leadership, and overall lower pay.”

Dr. Wells and Dr. MacAulay, award-winning educators in the Muma College of Business at the University of South Florida and principals in the consulting firm WellsQuest maintain that addressing invisible work can catalyze a more equitable North American society. Their research spans decades, has been published in numerous academic journals, and has advocated for gender and racial equity. 

Further, they assert that research and anecdotes outlined in their book can be the basis for questions our society must consider to ensure a better future:

  • How would society be different if more people were recognized and compensated for invisible work?
  • How would the workplace change?
  • How would family dynamics change? Can recognizing invisible work transform unhealthy environments at home and work into positive, supportive environments?
  • What will that mean for children growing up in healthier environments?
  • Can happier workplaces increase production?

Moreover, Dr. Wells and Dr. MacAulay hope these questions can spark engaging dialogue in  The (In) Visible Work Forum. The forum is a safe space for individuals to share their experiences, learn from others, and contribute to the ongoing conversation about invisible work. It is a critical component of our mission to transform families and workplaces.

“We want this space to be an avenue for those frustrated by invisible work and to help change practices that are limiting the growth and healthiness of individuals,” said Dr. MacAulay.  “We want to expand this conversation. More people need to recognize invisible work.  Value it. And understand the pressures and frustrations it builds for those who endure it.  Our book and website are components of this movement that can transform families and workplaces.”

For a broadcast or print interview with Dr. Wells and Dr. MacAulay, we invite you to contact our PR consultant, Michael K. Frisby, at [email protected] or 202-625-4328. Today, we can provide a digital copy of the book for review of our (In) visible work.   

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