Award-Winning Author Xue Mo to Present at the 2024 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

Award-Winning Author Xue Mo to Present at the 2024 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

AURORA, Ill., April 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On April 20-21, 2024, award-winning author Xue Mo will showcase his latest work, “Curses of the Kingdom of Xixia,” at the 2024 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. His publications will be featured at Booth 125, hosted by Ruxue International Media Inc.

Xue Mo, a prominent figure in Western Chinese literature, gained significant attention at the 2024 London Book Fair while dressed in a red shirt and red-brown hat. His keynote speech, “The Copyright Value of Xue Mo’s Works,” highlighted his journey to international acclaim and explored the essential role of literature and the publishing industry in enriching the spiritual lives of individuals and advancing world peace.

Xue Mo emphasized the significance of “Curses of the Kingdom of Xixia,” stating, “Its value lies in its ability to serve as a cautionary tale, bridging history and reality, and urging us to reflect on our contributions to society and civilization. It challenges us to confront our fears and beliefs and offers a way to transcend suffering through love and faith.”

He further questioned, “With Europe’s advanced publishing industry, why hasn’t it been able to address human conflict, moral decline, or anxiety? How much has the global publishing industry genuinely contributed to world peace and human welfare? The minimal impact suggests a need to revisit our evaluation standards. Literary works must return to the core values of truth, goodness, and beauty to enlighten society, foster progress, and shine a guiding light. ‘Curses of the Kingdom of Xixia’ represents such an enlightening effort. I aim to collaborate with publishers and promoters to ensure that works of enlightenment reach a global audience and that songs of peace echo across battlefields.”

Describing his creative process for “Curses of the Kingdom of Xixia,” Xue Mo shared that he engaged in a spontaneous, burst-like writing style, driven by continuous flows of thought and inspiration. This approach resulted in a unique and magical depiction of a world akin to nature—chaotic yet spectacular. Professor Chen Xiaoming of Peking University lauded the book as a “divine work.”

The English version of “Curses of the Kingdom of Xixia,” translated by Professor Fan Pen Li Chen from SUNY, was published by SUNY Press in 2023 and recently made the shortlist for the Foreword Indies multicultural novel category in the 2024 awards in the United States.

The book is now available for purchase on Amazon. Follow the link below to buy: 

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