Best Teen Book, 2023: Winner, Readers’ Choice Award: “Magic, Mystery and the Multiverse” by Aurora M. Winter

Best Teen Book, 2023: Winner, Readers’ Choice Award: “Magic, Mystery and the Multiverse” by Aurora M. Winter

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — “Magic, Mystery and the Multiverse” is a new magic adventure book, the first in a new fantasy series for young adult readers.

Literary Titan described this new urban fantasy book as “a captivating tale” that is “an absolute must-read,” while Kirkus Reviews hailed it as “superb.”

Readers’ Choice commended “Magic, Mystery and the Multiverse” for its “unique and imaginative plot, a mesmerizing magical multiverse, and a host of wonderful and magical creatures,” calling it “a thrilling ride through the multiverse, not to be missed!”

“Magic, Mystery and the Multiverse” invites readers to step into a world filled with action and adventure, a magical academy, wizards and witches, spies, and a talking dog. In the tradition of beloved coming-of-age fantasy series such as Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and Shadow and Bone, this book takes readers on a fun, fast-paced, heroic journey. Like the long-running TV series Doctor Who, the series explores multiple worlds across a diverse multiverse.

The Readers’ Choice 5-star review praised the coming-of-age book for being a “fun, fantastic, fast-paced, fantasy adventure, well-executed by Winter.”

Literary Titan’s 5-star review stated, “Magic, Mystery and the Multiverse by Aurora Winter is a captivating tale that follows the enthralling journey of siblings Ana and Zackary through a wonderous and magical Multiverse. Ana, with aspirations of becoming an actress in Hollywood, stumbles upon an extraordinary multiverse app, which unwittingly catapults her and her brother into a mesmerizing escapade. … I recommend this riveting tale to enthusiasts of renowned fantasy works. Aurora Winter’s talent for weaving a captivating narrative, brimming with imaginative realms and well-crafted characters, makes Magic, Mystery and the Multiverse an absolute must-read for any lover of the genre.”

Kirkus Reviews stated, “In this debut YA fantasy series-starter, Earth-born siblings find themselves stranded in a parallel world that suffers under a fiendish ruler’s reign…Winter’s opening installment showcases a colorful primary cast—particularly Ana and Zackary, who make a superb duo.” 

We interviewed the author to find out how she comes up with ideas.


“Ever since I read ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ by C.S. Lewis, I have wanted to write fantasy,” said Aurora Winter. “That book made me want to be a better person simply by reading it. I loved that the hero, Lucy, was a girl, and that she had complicated relationships with her siblings. Just like me.”


“As a child, I suffered terribly with asthma and was hospitalized when I couldn’t breathe. That traumatic experience made me appreciate oxygen,” said the author. “As an adult, I’m passionate about the environment and free speech. I wanted to write a book that would make readers think about precious things we so often take for granted. Health, clean air to breathe, free speech, and the love and loyalty between siblings.”


“I wanted to create two unique and contrasting heroes. Zackary is a pessimist recovering from cancer and makes an unlikely—and therefore even more delightful—hero. His sister, Ana, is an optimist. In surprising ways, they both get what they want as they have their first marvelous adventure in this Multiverse.”


“While many books aimed at young adult readers are dystopian, mean-spirited, or sexually explicit, I wanted to create a series more like Harry Potter in its moral compass, where there is no lack of action and adventure—but where friendship, love, and courage win in the end. ‘Magic, Mystery and the Multiverse’ is a book parents and grandparents can confidently give to tween and teen readers—or enjoy reading themselves,” shared Aurora.

The first book in the “Magic, Mystery and the Multiverse” series by Aurora M. Winter is available now, and the next two books will be released soon on Kickstarter. To learn more, visit:


Aurora Winter, MBA, is an author, TV writer-producer, and the founder of Same Page Publishing. “Magic, Mystery and the Multiverse” marks her debut in the young adult fantasy genre. Aurora is the author of several award-winning nonfiction books, including “Turn Words Into Wealth: Blueprint for Your Business, Brand, and Book”.

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