California Mom Writes Children’s Book Vivienne in Paris to Share Culture and Inspire Curiosity in Young Readers

NAPA, Calif., May 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Foreword Publicity announces the release of Vivienne in Paris, written by Maria Castellucci Moore, with illustrations by Emanuela Mannello.

Vivienne in Paris follows a young Parisian girl on a journey through Paris to find what makes her tick. Join Vivienne as she discovers the sights, smells, tastes, and sounds of the city that make her feel alive. What better place to explore, observe, and delight in her senses than Paris?

This book tells a story of mindfulness and insight into how the surrounding world can really move you. It unites curiosity, wonder, and marvel to enlighten, surprise, and tickle your deepest spirit. Sometimes it’s the smallest things that bring you the greatest joy.

Moore was inspired to write Vivienne in Paris after discovering that happiness is quite unique to each individual.

“I learned later on in my adult life that self-love and self-awareness are the greatest gifts you can give yourself and your network,” said Moore. “My husband proposed to me in my favorite city, Paris! Paris exudes happiness for me.”

Through her heartfelt and beautifully illustrated book, she hopes the book will ignite curiosity, wonder, and mindfulness in young readers. She also strives to give kids an understanding and appreciation of French culture– which she calls an act of love and selflessness.

“When children take in their surroundings using all of their five senses, they perceive greater knowledge of the world around them, and those senses drive a sensation throughout their emotional and physical body that translates as something happy,” she said. “When you are happy, you make the rest of the world shine with you.”

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Vivienne in Paris will benefit Alliance Française de San Francisco, a nonprofit dedicated to the promotion of the French language and Francophone cultures.

“Our mission is to share the French language as a window to the Francophone world, to the world of tomorrow. We are thrilled to partner with a great Francophile, Maria, who will share her quintessentially French story and her love for France with the kids attending our program,” said Noemie Herail, executive director of AFSF.

Vivienne in Paris is the recipient the prestigious Gold Mom’s Choice Award. Additionally, the book has received glowing reviews from Readers’ Favorite and Midwest Book Review.

Moore plans to write four subsequent books, one for each one of her children, set in a different city throughout the world.

Entrepreneur, first-generation American, writer, and mother to four children, Moore strives to bring passion and enthusiasm to all her endeavors. A lover of all things European, Moore has found great passion through her travels to Paris, Italy, Spain, and South America. Her affection for winemaking, foreign languages, the arts, ballroom dancing, and traveling has given Moore a unique and grateful perspective on life. Her love for her family and helping others through charitable giving has enabled Moore to thoughtfully curate purposeful life adventures. Moore resides in Napa, California, with her husband and four young children.

Connect with Moore on Facebook or Instagram, or visit her website.

Vivienne in Paris (978-1637551431) is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, and wherever books are sold. Find the accompanying ebook on Amazon.

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