Cardiologist, Entrepreneur, and Venture Capitalist Dr. Ronald Razmi Announces Book Tour for “AI Doctor: The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare”

Cardiologist, Entrepreneur, and Venture Capitalist Dr. Ronald Razmi Announces Book Tour for “AI Doctor: The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare”

Dr. Razmi Will Discuss Promises and Challenges for AI to Improve the Health of the World Population

NEW YORK, April 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Dr. Ronald M. Razmi, a leading expert in healthcare AI with a medical background that includes work at the Mayo Clinic, proudly announces the launch of the global tour for his book, AI Doctor: The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare – A Guide for Users, Buyers, Builders, and Investors (Wiley, 2024.) Drawing from his extensive background as a cardiologist, McKinsey consultant, CEO of a digital health company, and founder of Zoi Capital, Dr. Razmi offers a sober examination of the drivers and barriers to the adoption of AI in healthcare.

This month, Dr. Razmi will engage with the investor and healthcare communities at several key industry events, starting with an exclusive New York City book launch organized by The Foreign Press Association on April 16th. This event will feature a discussion between Dr. Razmi and Ian Williams, the president of the Foreign Press Association. Following this, there will be an event at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on April 18, where Dr. Pete Szolovits, professor of Artificial Intelligence at MIT, will engage in a fireside chat with Dr. Razmi. The dialogue then extends globally with Dr. Razmi participating in two pivotal events in the Middle East: a panel discussion at the Bahrain-C3 Davos of Healthcare from April 21-22, and a presentation at the Saudi American Healthcare Forum on April 25th, highlighting the global impact of AI on healthcare. These are the first four of a 20-event tour going through the end of 2024.

In “AI Doctor,” Dr. Razmi not only charts the evolution of AI in healthcare but examines the many barriers that have kept digital technologies from having the desired impact. He examines the business models for the entrepreneurs and the investors in this sector and offers frameworks for the various stakeholders to make optimal decisions as they evaluate which AI applications to buy, build, or invest in.

The release of AI Doctor and Dr Razmi’s active participation in discussions on AI in healthcare, as he recently showcased in NewsweekHealthcare Business News, and ABC Tampa, underscores a pivotal moment for the industry. As healthcare stands on the brink of an AI revolution, Dr. Razmi’s work offers invaluable insights to ensure that the industry focuses on the achievable use cases and the best business models.

“AI Doctor: The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare” is now available on Amazon and major bookstores. For more information about Dr. Razmi, his work, and detailed event information, please visit

About Dr. Ronald Razmi

Dr. Ronald Razmi, as Co-Founder and Managing Director at Zoi Capital, has a distinguished career that blends his medical expertise with technological innovation. Originally a cardiologist, Dr. Razmi was a trailblazer in using MRI technology for cardiac care. His transition into the AI field is driven by a desire to infuse his medical knowledge into technological advancements. At Zoi Capital, he plays a pivotal role in transforming the industry by developing AI solutions that are grounded in real-world expertise and address genuine needs. His forthcoming book, “AI Doctor: The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare,” is a testament to his commitment to this field. Additionally, his extensive contributions to digital health are evident through numerous publications in esteemed scientific journals and his active participation as a speaker and writer in the digital health arena.

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