Chad Willardson’s Fourth Book, “Fit for Wealth: 7 Breakthrough Strategies for Elite Health and Abundant Wealth,” Available Now on Amazon

CORONA, Calif., Oct. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Bestselling author Chad Willardson is set to release his new book, “Fit for Wealth: 7 Breakthrough Strategies for Elite Health and Abundant Wealth,” on October 17th, available on Amazon. Building on the success of his previous works, including “Smart, Not Spoiled,” “Stress-Free Money,” and “Beyond the Money,” Willardson discusses the relationship between personal finance and physical health, presenting an all-encompassing that promises to reshape readers’ perspectives on wealth and well-being.

In “Fit for Wealth,” Willardson integrates the principles of financial security with the principles of physical health. Drawing from personal experiences, in-depth research, and interviews with a diverse group of experts, the book offers actionable strategies to help individuals cultivate both their financial and physical wellness.

Willardson’s remarkable journey, characterized by both unique challenges and triumphs, is a major inspiration behind “Fit For Wealth.” The book stands as a testament to resilience and a guide for those navigating the complexities of maintaining balance while striving for excellence in finance while also prioritizing their physical health.

Outlined in the book are seven key strategies that serve as the foundation for monumental success. These strategies are a culmination of Willardson’s extensive experience and insights, emphasizing the importance of setting audacious goals, avoiding distractions, expert collaboration, technological leverage, consistent effort, cutting excuses, and finally, fortifying your legacy.

Beyond “Fit For Wealth,” Willardson, the author of bestsellers like “Smart, Not Spoiled,” “Stress-Free Money,” and “Beyond the Money,” extends his passion for financial literacy through his co-founding of GravyStack, a financial education app targeting young users.

“Fit for Wealth: 7 Breakthrough Strategies for Elite Health and Abundant Wealth” is available now on Amazon.

About Chad Willardson:

Chad Willardson is the founder and president of Pacific Capital, a wealth management firm catering exclusively to ultra-high-net-worth individuals who have over $10MM ready to invest. Before founding Pacific Capital, Chad dedicated nine years to Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, where he not only climbed the ranks to Senior Vice President but also found himself recognized in the top 2% nationally. His expertise is further validated by his role as an elected City Treasurer for the City of Corona, CA, where he significantly grew a portfolio’s value and exhibited immense civic responsibility by donating to local charitable causes. With a solid educational foundation from institutions like Harvard Business School of Executive Education and Brigham Young University, combined with accolades like ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ and ‘Elite Wealth Management Team of the Year,’ Chad has led several successful business ventures including Pacific Capital, Gravy Stack, three best selling books and his podcast Smart Money Parenting.

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