Dog Trainer Unlocks the Secret to Building Bonds with Dogs in Just 60 Seconds

KAPAAU, Hawaii, Oct. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Tom Mitchell, widely recognized for his revolutionary and time-efficient dog training methods known as “The 1-Minute Dog Trainer,” has unveiled his latest book exclusively available on Amazon. Now interested people can read “1 Minute Dog Training” book – free for two days – on October 10th and 11th.

“Mitchell draws on his decades of experience as a dog trainer to simplify the process in this guide,” said the Kirkus Review. “In brief, colorfully illustrated chapters full of engaging graphics and bulleted text, Mitchell takes the reader through his program. He broadens his advice to include many training-adjacent subjects, like dog cognition, leash training, nipping and biting,” continued the review.

“The foremost strength of the book lies in the inherent compassion underlying all of these micro sessions of training that dogs are separate, complex beings, far more intelligent and intuitive than most humans give them credit for being,” said Kirkus.

Tom Mitchell stands as an iconic example in the dog training field with his emphasis on short, consistent, and effective training sessions. His techniques demonstrate how investing just one minute at a time can lead to well-trained dogs.

“I have been working puppies, dogs, zoo animals, and Olympic horses for over thirty years,” Mitchell states. “The core of successful dog training lies in being consistent. It’s not about how long you train, but how regularly,” said Mitchell. 

Mitchell’s new book is more than a collection of training tricks. It is an accumulation of his expertise and success stories over many years. Packed with insightful tips, real-life anecdotes and easy-to-follow instructions, readers can discover solutions tailored specifically for their challenges.

Mitchell emphasizes the need for harmony between dog and owner, citing how effective training techniques make training less time-consuming and stressful. “We are a busy family so training in 1 minute sessions made a big difference,” said William Showalter, MD, a client of Tom’s.

Dog lovers and critics alike submitted early reviews praising its clarity, effectiveness, and engaging writing style. Tom Mitchell’s latest book, 1 Minute Dog Training: The Fun, Fast, & Easy Way to Train Your Perfect Dog is on Amazon in both paper, hardback and Kindle versions.

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