Entrepreneur Turns $30 Startup into Multi-Million-Dollar Franchise and Reveals How He Did It in New Memoir Business Book

CHARLESTON, S.C., Oct. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Palmetto Publishing and Thomas Minieri are proud to offer the latest work from Thomas Minieri, Lemonade Maker, hitting bookstores everywhere on September 12, 2023.

Behind the curtain of romance surrounding entrepreneurship lies the reality and challenges that come with owning a business. Lacking capital, connections, or access to deals can cause many to give up before they start. Others get their business up and running only to find themselves on a revenue and growth plateau. Issues with staff cultivation, marketing, sales, company culture, and leadership plague even the best entrepreneurs.

In his new book Lemonade Maker®, entrepreneur and author Thomas Minieri reveals the 101 proven strategies he used to start his own business with just $30, overcome a myriad of problems and challenges, and grow that business to over twelve million dollars revenue within ten years. And he accomplished this without startup capital, without funding or investors, and without taking on any debt.

“Whether the seemingly insurmountable problems you face are due to circumstances outside of your control or are simply part of the challenge of owning your own business, learning how to prosper when facing the impossible is a key skill to becoming a successful entrepreneur.”

—Thomas Minieri

Lemonade Maker is the Entrepreneur’s Guide to Overcoming the Impossible and features 101 proven Lemonology® strategies for success, which are presented throughout the book as the author’s inspiring journey from broke artist to owning a multi-million-dollar company unfolds. Lemonade Maker is the new must-read book for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and aspiring entrepreneurs. It will leave its readers feeling empowered and inspired, and equipped to tackle any challenge the world of entrepreneurship throws their way. Lemonade Maker will:

  • show you how to conquer internal struggles, such as fear of failure, self-doubt, or lack of proper business education that hold you back from reaching your true potential;
  • challenge you to disrupt the status quo, break free from worn paths of accepted success, and forever set your company apart from the crowd;
  • demonstrate how the most impactful innovations come from the continuous incremental improvement of your own existing systems;
  • prepare you to survive and thrive in times of chaos and crisis when life rattles you to your core and brings you to the edge of disaster;
  • and teach you how to build a remarkable company by not just solving problems, but by looking at problems for what they truly are—an opportunity to create something amazing!

“Life gives entrepreneurs an extra dose of lemons. Fight back with Lemonade Maker strategies and turn your biggest challenges into your greatest successes!”

—Thomas Minieri

Lemonade Maker: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Overcoming the Impossible is available now, everywhere books are sold! Secure your copy today. It’ll be the best business decision you’ve made this year.


Thomas Minieri is an American entrepreneur and author. He is a long-standing member of the Young Entrepreneur Council, a Forbes contributing author, and has been featured in Business 2 Community, Inc, Mashable, Readwrite, and BuiltIn. He is the author of Lemonade Maker: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Overcoming the Impossible and is the founder of Lemonade University, an online educational platform for entrepreneurs.

Find out more by visiting https://LemonadeMaker.com

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