WASHINGTON, Jan. 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — A groundbreaking guidebook for fighting and winning the upcoming wars in outer space was released today from space warfare experts Paul Szymanski and Jerry Drew. The Battle Beyond: Fighting and Winning the Coming War in Space not only reminds us that the battlefield that will shape our future isn’t found on earth, but provides a blueprint for navigating the theater of war outside the terrestrial as well. It is available now via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Amplify Publishing, and more.

All warfare is a competition between human minds, even the battle in outer space. In this timely and anticipatory debut, Szymanski and Drew break down the reality of space warfare, prepare readers for the military implications of wars that extend into space, and instruct leaders on how to adapt to the needs of the future.

Drawing on Szymanski’s 50 years of experience in all fields related to space control and Drew’s background as the current Chief of Joint Space Training at the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, The Battle Beyond is exhaustively researched, meticulously thorough, and presents proprietary quantitative data in an engaging, nuanced way.

The Battle Beyond provides a superb foundation for the theory, doctrine, strategies, and tactics needed to deter—and, if necessary, to fight and win space wars,” writes former Director of the CIA, General Petraeus. “[This book] is a great read that will be very valuable for both casual observers and professional space warfighters alike.”

Space warfare will test the knowledge, experience, fears, beliefs, stamina, and will of civilians, military commanders, and political leadership like never before. For the U.S. and its global allies, The Battle Beyond is an urgent call to arms, the launching point for endless discussion, and required reading for anyone who has a stake in the future of international security.

The Battle Beyond is on sale now from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Amplify Publishing. To learn more, visit

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