Global Entrepreneur Shares Insights on Transforming Developing Economies

Global Entrepreneur Shares Insights on Transforming Developing Economies

“World of Opportunity: Bringing Sustainable Business to Fragile Economies” by Yusuf Amdani is released with Forbes Books

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NEW YORK, Sept. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — World of Opportunity: Bringing Sustainable Business to Fragile Economies by Yusuf Amdani is now available. The book is published with Forbes Books, the exclusive business book publishing imprint of Forbes, and is available today on Amazon.

Where others saw poverty and few educational opportunities in Honduras, Yusuf Amdani saw a manufacturing hub. In this Central American country, he saw an opportunity to pay a steady salary to a capable labor pool and help grow the region’s economy.

Three decades later, Amdani’s investments in Honduras have expanded globally. Unemployment rates where his company GK Global operates have fallen over the years as economic and health conditions improved. His company’s workforce sees something they’ve only ever imagined: a better future for their families in their own country.

In World of Opportunity, Amdani shows how business can help shore up fragile economies. While this approach is challenging, Amdani guides readers to overcome these obstacles and create businesses that thrive in the most unlikely places. His programs have directly reduced migration levels while his nonprofit foundation addresses the needs of vulnerable populations.

To make a difference, Amdani explains how a company can best understand the needs of society and collaborate with local leaders to set up long-term, sustainable programs. He outlines how to gauge the readiness of the local labor force and other economic conditions. Finally, he advocates for sustainable business practices that guide investments and continually improve the environment.

“It is my desire that we collectively paint a new landscape for the coming generations,” said Amdani. “My hope is that, after reading this book, you’ll see the world as a place you can touch and change. You’ll grasp how doing business in developing countries can be an all-around win.”

About Yusuf Amdani
Mohammed Yusuf Amdani Bai is a businessman, visionary, entrepreneur, and investor. Originally from Pakistan, Amdani traces his roots to a background in the textile and yarn spinning industry. In the early 1990s, he expanded the family business to Honduras. Today the organization, known as GK Global, has an international presence, extending into Central America, the Caribbean, Mexico, and the US. The corporation operates in the textile, lifestyle, technology, agriculture, and real estate industries. Amdani founded GK Foundation, an organization with initiatives in health, education, nutrition, and sustainability. Its high-impact programs focus on low-income and vulnerable populations. Amdani is a naturalized Honduras citizen, and divides his time between San Pedro Sula, Honduras, and Campeche, Mexico.

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