Heroes Made by ThinkEd Corporation Announces a Nationwide Call for Young Storytellers with the “Student Authoring Program” for Elementary Schools

Here is Your Chance for Storytelling Stardom!

NEW YORK, Feb. 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In an ambitious move to ignite the spark of creativity in young minds across the United States, ThinkEd Corporation, an innovative provider of Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) for elementary schools, in collaboration with its pioneering platform Heroes Made (https://heroesmade.com/), is thrilled to roll out the “Student Authoring Program.”

Inviting elementary schools throughout USA, the competition asks students to articulate their experiences of heroism, kindness, and resilience within a story or a poem (up to 1500 words) to be then sent over to the “Heroes Made Superhero Committee” with the opportunity to have the story printed and published on the Heroes Made global platform.

“With participation completely free, every student has a voice in this literary competition, and every teacher becomes a catalyst for change, guiding these young authors in their quest for storytelling excellence,” says Maria Lavithi Howard, CEO of Heroes Made. “This unique initiative is more than just a competition. It’s a way for children to embark on a journey of imagination, emotion, and self-expression and we have plans to expand this competition to any U.S. primary school throughout.”

How to Participate:

  1. Register Your School: Teachers to email, [email protected] expressing interest by March 30, 2024.
  2. Encourage Story Submissions: Students to create their stories, focusing on themes of heroism, kindness, and resilience (guidelines available).
  3. Submit the Stories: Teachers to forward the chosen class stories to Heroes Made by ThinkEd Corporation by April 15, 2024.
  4. Winners Announced: One winning student and school, to be announced in a grand reveal on May 31, 2024, will have their student’s work transformed into a tangible book and the school will receive one year FREE Annual Access to the Heroes Made Platform by ThinkEd. Additionally, selected submissions from other schools will be professionally illustrated and published on our global platform, ensuring their voices are immortalized for children worldwide to cherish. Furthermore, the first 30 entries will also receive a physical copy of the book.

Gearing up for this exhilarating journey and inviting elementary schools across the United States to join for the chance to inspire, and to dream, together ThinkEd Corporation and Heroes Made are helping those be part of a community that values and uplifts the voices of our youngest storytellers. Every participating school, by joining this program, becomes part of a larger narrative of empowerment, learning, and imagination.

Launched in the United States in January 2024, Heroes Made distinguishes itself with its remarkable simplicity, offering educators and students immediate access to engage SEL lessons without the need for extensive preparations. Each student receives a unique avatar, promoting individuality and inclusivity, while the innovative “Student Authoring Program” intertwines writing with SEL, empowering students to express themselves creatively while honing crucial social and emotional skills. This initiative underscores ThinkEd Corporation’s commitment to accessibility and impact, fostering a culture of empathy, resilience, and well-being in schools nationwide.

“Imagine a classroom where every student is not just a learner but a storyteller, weaving tales of resilience, friendship, growth, and self-discovery. That’s the vision ThinkEd Corporation is bringing to life,” continues Howard. “We are not just fostering a love for writing but nurturing a generation of empathetic, reflective, and creative thinkers.”

For those ready to take part in this transformative experience, please contact [email protected], and together, we can turn the page to a new chapter of creativity, learning, and endless possibilities.

About Heroes Made
Heroes Made, the leading Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) platform tailored specifically for elementary schools, is revolutionizing learning experiences. Distributed by ThinkEd and led by a team including Maria Lavithi Howard (CEO), Daniel Howard (Chief Product Officer), and George Tziazas (CTO), this award-winning platform is on a mission to foster emotional balance and transform schools into thriving communities. With over 210 customizable lessons designed to resonate with every child’s experience, real-time hero journals for tracking class emotional dynamics, data-driven assessments offering personalized insights for each student, and a unique library showcasing student-created stories, Heroes Made offers unparalleled advantages for educators and students alike:

  • Human-centric technology enhances teacher-student connections.
  • Flexible teaching methods cater to diverse learning styles.
  • Zero prep or training required; seamlessly integrates into existing curricula.
  • Students’ stories are illustrated and published, fostering creativity and pride.

For more information about Heroes Made, please visit, https://heroesmade.com/, and follow along on Facebook (www.facebook.com/heroesmadeSEL), and LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com/company/heroesmade).

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Laura Neroulias Bisiotis
[email protected] 

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