Highly Anticipated Release of “The Boston Event” Shares True Story on the Capturing of the First Alien Lifeform Image

MELBOURNE, Australia, Oct. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Following the recent groundbreaking release of the first-ever image of an unknown lifeform, Australian researcher Michael E. Whaler is today sharing the rich telling of how that image was captured. In his highly anticipated work titled “The Boston Event,” Whaler presents an extraordinary account with an unlikely protagonist – a five-year-old Australian Cane Corso named Boston – who, on May 22, 2016, stumbled upon an enigma that has perplexed scientists for over a century.

At a location he knew all too well in southeastern Australia, Boston displayed unusual behavior that piqued the curiosity of his retired owner, Michael E. Whaler. Intrigued by Boston’s uncharacteristic reactions, Whaler recorded the canine’s behavior on a camera phone, capturing a brief scan of the area that had so captivated Boston.

Upon reviewing the footage later that day, Whaler was astounded to uncover the reason behind Boston’s peculiar actions. Realizing the profound implications of this discovery, Whaler embarked on an exhaustive journey of research and exploration, consulting with science academics and professional colleagues. To ensure the veracity of the footage, Whaler enlisted the expertise of Australia’s foremost forensic examiners, utilizing cutting-edge forensic technology.

After an intensive six-month forensic investigation and examination, the results were nothing short of astounding: the footage was unequivocally genuine, with no evidence of tampering or manipulation. In “The Boston Event,” Whaler lays out the details of this earth-shattering revelation, urging readers to open their minds to the possibilities it unveils.

“Dogs have long held the key to mysteries beyond our comprehension. In Boston’s actions, we found a door to the universe, and it’s time to step through it,” said Michael E. Whaler, Author of “The Boston Event.”

Throughout history, dogs have been revered for their heightened senses, including sight, hearing, and scent. This fact is backed by scientific understanding. In alignment with the beliefs of Michael E. Whaler and countless others, Boston’s heightened perception that day led to the capture of video footage containing phenomena beyond human comprehension – alien lifeforms.

This astonishing revelation may come as no surprise to owners of the Cane Corso dog breed, which can trace its lineage back to Roman times. These magnificent creatures, bred initially for war and revered as superior hunting dogs, have often been regarded as reliable eyewitnesses to events that transcend human understanding.

Michael E. Whaler’s loyal companion Boston has offered humanity a glimpse into the age-old question that has inhabited our collective consciousness: Are we truly alone in the universe?

“The Boston Event” will conveniently available for purchase later this week via Amazon in Kindle, paperback, and hardcover formats.

For more information about the book and the event, visit TheBostonEvent.com. 

About The Boston Research and Development Co Pty Ltd.

The Boston Research and Development Company (BRDC) is a research and technology firm based in Melbourne, Australia, founded by CEO Michael E. Whaler. BRDC’s mission is to develop superior technology and intelligence within its research field, holding exclusive rights to all discoveries pertaining to The Boston Event of May 22, 2016. Currently, a comprehensive review is underway to set the terms of reference for the research team to be formed. Michael E. Whaler, the author of ‘The Boston Event: Unraveling the Unknown,’ is a key figure in this research, leveraging his insights to shed light on the event. His passion for research and development is mirrored by the BRDC team, who are collectively committed to advancing knowledge in this field, balancing their corporate responsibilities with an ardent dedication to sports and community life.

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