Incedo announces brAInspark Generative AI Platform and Incedo’s Co-Founder & CEO Nitin Seth reveals the cover of his upcoming book “Mastering the Data Paradox” at the AI Summit NY 2023 USA – English India – English

Incedo announces brAInspark Generative AI Platform and Incedo’s Co-Founder & CEO Nitin Seth reveals the cover of his upcoming book “Mastering the Data Paradox” at the AI Summit NY 2023

USA – English

India – English

  • Incedo Generative AI platform, brAInspark, launched at the AI Summit New York, drives disruptive impact for Enterprises with productivity improvement and transforming software development life cycle (SDLC)
  • Incedo’s Co-founder & CEO Nitin Seth reveals the cover of the upcoming book “Mastering the Data Paradox” that is expected to be released in early 2024

NEW YORK and GURUGRAM, India, Dec. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Incedo Inc., a New Jersey, US headquartered global digital transformation expert announced the launch of its Generative AI platform brAInspark, at the AI Summit New York.

Generative AI has significant potential to drive transformational impact for enterprises. However, in the journey from initial excitement to sustainable business impact – there are several barriers for enterprises around data. Data is the core differentiator to realize long-term and sustainable impact from Generative AI investments.

Incedo brAInspark places Generative AI’s tangible business value in the hands of our clients and enterprises, by discovering and fine-tuning contextual enterprise data –  for productivity improvement, optimizing customer operations, and transforming the software development life cycle (SDLC).

Speaking at the launch, Nitin Seth, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Incedo Inc. said, “Our experience of working with Fortune 500 clients reveals that while organizations are witnessing a deluge of data, they are facing a drought for insights. This data paradox prevents enterprises from accessing quality and relevant data at the right time, to make effective decisions. Lack of a strong data foundation, legacy data infrastructure, and absence of robust data quality are some other barriers that prevent enterprises from realizing transformative impact with Generative AI. This is something that I have talked about extensively in my upcoming book on Mastering the Data Paradox. My book would outline a practical framework for unlocking the transformation potential of AI by solving for the data paradox. This book is a practitioner’s handbook in dealing with the data paradox and its various implications at Enterprise and at an individual level.”

“For Generative AI to be truly transformational, Data contextualization is needed at three layers – Data of internet (Macro Data), Enterprise Data and Individual Data (Micro Data).”

“While the Macro data problem has been solved by harnessing Internet data, the true potential of Generative AI depends hugely on contextualization at Enterprise and Individual level. With brAInspark, we aim to empower enterprises by solving specific business problems around productivity improvement and SDLC. We are in the advanced stages of launching brAInspark pilot programs with our leading partners and have multiple client implementation conversations in progress.”

Incedo brAInspark-Cutting Edge Generative AI Platform

brAInspark establishes harmonious collaboration between advanced AI algorithms and human developers. The platform is  powered by Incedo’s proprietary Generative AI Model Hub, future-ready and customizable to suit unique enterprise needs and use cases. The platform can drive disruptive impact and is adaptable to future advancements in the evolving Generative AI landscape, to enable enterprises to stay at the forefront of innovation. Early enterprise use cases of brAInspark and Incedo’s Generative AI solutions have realized productivity gains of up to 40%, in pilot implementation.

“Incedo’s timely investments in Generative AI solutions has provided the foundation for brAInspark. The platform combines Incedo’s deepset expertise of skilled AI practitioners and Data Engineers, to gain swift ground in developing AI and Data prototypes, platforms, and accelerators. We aim to enable clients to drive transformational growth by improving productivity, unlocking new insights, and creating value from market-ready innovations, connected ecosystems and above-par efficiencies,” added Ashish Gupta, Senior Vice President and Head of Data and AI, Incedo Inc. 

About Incedo

Incedo is a global digital transformation expert, empowering businesses to realize sustainable impact from their digital investments. We help clients win in the digital age with our integrated services and platforms that connect strategy and execution, are built on the foundation of design, AI, data, and strong engineering capabilities blended with our deep domain expertise from digital natives. With a strong presence in the US, Canada, Latin America and a large, diverse portfolio of Fortune 500 enterprises and fast-growing global clients, we work across financial services, telecom, product engineering, and life sciences industries. Know more about our offerings at



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