Jonathan Robinson Announces the Release of His New Book ‘Ecstasy as Medicine: How MDMA Therapy Can Help You Overcome Trauma, Anxiety, and Depression… and Feel More Love’

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Psychotherapist and frequent Oprah guest, Jonathan Robinson, announces the release of his new book Ecstasy as Medicine: How MDMA Therapy Can Help You Overcome Trauma, Anxiety, and Depression… and Feel More Love.

MDMA, often called Ecstasy or Molly, is an amazing medicine for treating everything from PTSD to anxiety and depression. This therapy has been proven to help thousands of people successfully heal from trauma, restore love in their relationships, and overcome their psychological challenges.

In 2017, the FDA gave MDMA therapy “Breakthrough Therapy Designation,” a rare honor given to very few new medicines. Within the next year, in 2024, it is expected that the FDA will make ecstasy, a formerly illegal drug, into a substance that can be medically prescribed. It is currently already legal in Australia.

In Jonathan Robinson’s new book Ecstasy as Medicine, you’ll learn:

The latest ways people use this therapy, and how it can benefit you

  • How to work with a professional guide at a reasonable cost—even over Zoom
  • How to avoid problems with this medicine, such as drug impurities or unpleasant side effects
  • Ways to use this medicine to enhance your relationship or connection to your higher power
  • How to guide yourself or others for maximum benefit when on this medicine
  • How to integrate the insights from an MDMA journey into your daily life

This cutting-edge medicine is transforming people’s lives in as little as a single day. Read this book to learn exactly how it can positively impact you and the people you care about.

“This is an authoritative, comprehensive, and highly practical guide to optimizing the potential therapeutic benefit of MDMA.” –Michael Horwitz, MD Former Director of Addiction Medicine, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

“Jonathan shares the most powerful tools and understandings he’s gathered from over 40 years of MDMA therapy with thousands of clients. If you want a complete and detailed understanding of how MDMA therapy can change your life, you’ll want to read this.” –Ted Strauss, Co-author iConscious – Accelerating Human Potential

Ecstasy as Medicine is available for sale on Amazon. To learn more, visit

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