Knowledge Management Expert Presents a New Knowledge Mindfulness Framework

“Knowledge Mindfulness” by Dr. Laila Marouf is released with Forbes Books

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NEW YORK , Oct. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Knowledge Mindfulness: The Interconnections that Help Leaders Transform Their Business and Their Life by Dr. Laila Marouf is now available. The book is published with Forbes Books, the exclusive business book publishing imprint of Forbes, and is available on Amazon today.

Dr. Laila Marouf is the founder and Chief Knowledge Officer of the Knowledge Mindfulness Group and holds a doctorate in Information Science from the University of Pittsburgh.

While her previous work has focused on knowledge management, with Knowledge Mindfulness, she offers an expansive new approach, applying cutting-edge research from the worlds of business, economics, psychology, neuroscience, and the social sciences to reveal more holistic, effective, and humane ways of generating, internalizing, synthesizing, and actioning knowledge.

Dr. Marouf’s book invites readers to see knowledge as a dynamic system grounded in deep connections between people and anchored in the full richness of the human experience. The result is a vision of knowledge as an emergent system that derives power from complex networks of dynamic interconnections between ourselves and others. Chapter by chapter Dr. Marouf shows how mindfully enriching and deepening these connections makes it possible to radically elevate the way knowledge flows through our lives and through the organizations we lead.

“Knowledge Mindfulness can be seen as a framework and a practice that focuses on the dynamic relationships between knowledge, self, and the outside world to drive more enriching success,” Dr. Marouf said. “It enables us to consciously and continuously expand and evolve our knowledge and thereby make smarter decisions to drive both tangible change in the world and intangible fulfillment in ourselves. When you live and lead with Knowledge Mindfulness, you can operate more purposefully and achieve more meaningful and sustainable success—both for yourself and for those around you.”

About Dr. Laila Marouf
Prof. Laila Marouf is the founder and Chief Knowledge Officer of the Knowledge Mindfulness Group, a global knowledge advisory group dedicated to elevating leaders’ knowledge maturity.

She holds a PhD in Information Science from the University of Pittsburgh, where her research focused on knowledge management. As a tenured professor at Kuwait University, she served as Assistant Vice President of Research for External Collaboration and Consultation and headed the Patents Office from 2015 to 2019.

Prof. Marouf has published scores of research articles and received many awards, including the University of Pittsburgh’s 2005 Harold Lancour Award for Excellence and Kuwait University’s Best Young Researcher Award for 2010/2011.

She is the proud mother of two children and lives in Kuwait with her family.

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