Life Media Group Seeks to Transform Communities through Innovative Media

Life Media Group Seeks to Transform Communities through Innovative Media

MORGAN HILL, Calif., Dec. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Life Media Group, a Silicon Valley-based company, aims to leverage media in groundbreaking ways to improve the quality of life for all Americans by transforming society, culture, economics and politics.

Founded in January 2013, Life Media Group publishes hyper-local newspapers Morgan Hill Life and Gilroy Life with the goal of leveraging media technology to provide readers with the information they need to enjoy a better quality of life. As it enters 2024, it seeks to follow its original dream of building a human-benefit company using media to connect people through the power of storytelling.

Among its goals, the company aims to build an advanced system that improves:

  • Local news coverage focusing on stories that truly impact day-to-day life
  • Advertising and marketing tools helping businesses and nonprofits expand their reach
  • Education programs that empower youth to build “media savvy” and communication skills
  • Community connections by promoting digital storytelling through the arts/entertainment

“We seek to transform community media to focus on what matters most for improving life locally,” said Life Media Group co-founder Marty Cheek. “Our vision is to interconnect neighborhoods through innovative coverage and groundbreaking digital engagement.”

To raise $10 million in funds for the first phase of this ambitious endeavor, Cheek has authored two books outlining the Vision-2020 movement to harness media for the betterment of the world. In Vision-2020: Be a Hero for Humanity, he challenges Americans to embrace pragmatic media solutions to transform society, politics, economics and culture in order to realize enduring global peace by Christmas Day 2040. Blending philosophical wisdom with policy insights, he charts a course toward a more just and unified civilization. 

The companion science-fiction book Humanity: A Vision-2020 Novel shows readers we can improve society during the next two decades by using technology prudently. Both books are available on Amazon and all royalty money goes to the Vision-2020 campaign

“We have seen how media can be weaponized to divide us and inflame conflict, but it also has tremendous power to bring out humanity’s best qualities,” Cheek said. “Our goal is to pioneer innovative uses of news, marketing, education, and the arts/entertainment to help Americans and all other people recognize their common hopes and values, defusing tensions that lead to violence.”

To get involved with Life Media Group or to learn more about its efforts to progress community media, go to

Back Cover Blurb: Vision-2020: Be a Hero for Humanity

All proceeds from this book support the Vision-2020 global peace movement. The initiative intends to use media innovations to unite the people of the world in an endeavor to forever end war. It is a companion book to the novel Humanity, available on Amazon.

Imagine a world without war, a world where all people can pursue their highest potential. Sounds like a lofty dream. But for the first time in history the human race can achieve this goal – if we wisely use high-tech tools to interconnect all people on our planet.

In Vision-2020: Be a Hero for Humanity, author Marty Cheek dares us to use pragmatic media solutions to transform society, politics, economics and cultures ­– and thus make global peace a true and lasting reality by Christmas Day in the year 2040. Blending philosophical wisdom with policy insights, he charts a future course toward a more just, unified global civilization.

At the heart of Cheek’s vision is empowering ordinary people with media tools and skills to serve as heroes for humanity. He sets forth innovative programs for transforming global civilization through technology and education to rediscover we are all one human family.

Vision-2020 provides readers a roadmap to igniting positive change within their communities. United by our common hopes, we can overcome entrenched hatreds. We can build bonds of understanding that blossom into a world where every life is valued.

Met with idealism tempered by hard truths, Vision-2020 gives readers inspiring guidance. It reminds us we can achieve the dream of peace on Earth and goodwill toward all.


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