Meet Jinan, China: Visit the Spring City and see the happy and healthy attitude of Jinan people

Meet Jinan, China: Visit the Spring City and see the happy and healthy attitude of Jinan people

JINAN, China, Feb. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — This is a report from the Shandong office of the Hong Kong Business Daily. Recently, Shunnet, a subsidiary of Jinan Daily Newspaper Group, has carefully planned the documentary series “Meet Jinan”. The documentary “Meet Jinan | Leisure Spring City” invited Peter from Austria as the “experience officer” of this “Leisure Tour” to explore the healthy, fashionable and diversified leisure and entertainment methods of Jinan people from the perspective of foreigners, and record the stories of ordinary people who are vivid and perceptible.

In the film, Peter first entered the Hero Mountain Culture Market in Jinan, and under the guidance of Zhang Xilu, the seal carver, he understood the beauty of art within an inch; In the introduction of Li Yaning, a master of arts and crafts in Shandong Province, he felt the exquisite skills and humanistic spirit of “small gourd big universe”; Under the leadership of Pang Zhenwei and Zhang Yongchang, the founder of the Tetsutsugami Pavilion, Peter feels the elegance of the insects and appreciates the wonders of the insects’ appreciation culture.

Throughout the year, Jinan Spring Baths are always full of laughter. The spring bathing place is located behind the Jiefang Pavilion and beside the Black Tiger Spring. People can enjoy the cool time in the spring for free, and feel the unique charm of the pluralistic and symbiotic spring culture. In the winter months, the average water temperature of the spring bathing place is about 17℃, which still attracts many winter swimmers. Encouraged by swimming coach Zhao Guodong, Peter decided to start a winter swimming challenge trip, and finally chose to go forward bravely and successfully completed the challenge.

At the end of the “Leisure Tour”, Peter commented on Jinan: “Modern and traditional, the two naturally blend in Jinan. I am very happy to meet so many people and experience so many traditional cultures. Jinan is a multifaceted city, waiting for your exploration. I hope you can enjoy this wonderful day like me.”

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