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LOS ANGELES, Dec. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — “Whether you’re a sports fan or just a history buff, looking back at sporting events has produced some of the world’s finest journalism,” Louis Cheslaw writes in The Strategist. “But it could be argued,” he adds, “that no outside observers’ perspective can compare to being inside the heads of those who scored that game-winning point, series-winning run or tournament-winning goal (or coached any teams that did).” He, therefore, maintains that a fine sports memoir “could be the next best thing to spending hours watching a game itself.” In his memoir Apropos of Running, Charles Moore describes his journey from never having run more than a 5,000m race to completing a marathon, and then running several more endurance races. A review in Kirkus speaks of how he “periodically and compellingly touches on his experience as a black man participating in a predominantly white space.” Moore writes, “I felt that I would embody the black man running marathons to whomever was watching. Everyone who sees me knows I am black. What I was doing was the ultimate revocation of the veil of elitism.” In doing so, according to Foreword Reviews, this memoir “takes a mighty stride in diversifying the writer-runner literary canon.”

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Below is this month’s selection by category.


Literature & Fiction

Half a Cup of Sand and Sky by Nadine Bjursten ISBN: 978-9198861617

Nine Days in Rome by Julian Gould ISBN: 978-1637350195

These Things Happen by Michael Eon ISBN: 978-1959411161

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Far Removed (Book One of the Apidecca Duology) by C. B. Lansdell ISBN: 978-0639770390

The Silver Sphere Trilogy by David Gittlin ISBN: 979-8985860511


Biographies & Memoirs

Apropos of Running by Charles Moore ISBN: 978-1955496087


The ESG Revolution: how worker-centric AI is transforming industrial sustainability by Sandeep Pandya ISBN: 978-1637351420

Game On: leaders who last by Paul L. Gunn, Jr., Jon Nicholson et al. ISBN: 978-1637352007

Hire, Scale, Thrive: how to grow your business exponentially with virtual professionals by Alinka Rutkowska and Gerald Pena ASIN: B0CJ5F8B9S

6-Figure Blueprints and Beyond: how 35 entrepreneurs made it and how you can too by Alinka Rutkowska ISBN: 978-1637351130

Computers & Technology

SQL Quest: a journey through data by Neha Saini ISBN: 979-8988565567

Politics & Social Sciences

Change the Story, Save the World: efficiency is the name of the game by Moritz Davidesko ISBN: 978-1637351550

Religion & Spirituality

Some Miracles Need a Mom: developing your child’s future by Sandy McKeown ISBN: 978-1637351000

Unraveled: a modern look at the yoga sutras by Erin Evans ISBN: 978-1637351895

Science & Math

Life, the Universe, and Curing Everything by Hans Keirstead ISBN: 978-1637350096


Hi-Five To Winning: why winners win by Jermel D. Carr ISBN: 978-1637352465

Wealth Simplified: the secrets of everyday people who retire richer, happier and earlier by Robert F. Roby ISBN: 978-1637351567

Writing Skills

The Gift of Your Wisdom by Alinka Rutkowska ISBN: 978-1637351444

Award-winning author Stephanie Hansen is delighted with the LibraryBub service, remarking that “the experience was hassle-free and gratifying.” Her novella Altered Helix, part of a series with the same title, was featured by LibraryBub.

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