NEW BOOK, ‘Get Up & Get On It: A Black Entrepreneur’s Lessons on Creating Legacy & Wealth’ by Dana Frank

NEW BOOK, ‘Get Up & Get On It: A Black Entrepreneur’s Lessons on Creating Legacy & Wealth’ by Dana Frank

“Changing the Narrative, No Matter What Your Birth Circumstance.” Dana Frank

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SEATTLE, June 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In honor of Juneteenth, Wiley proudly announces the release of Dana Frank’s debut book, Get Up & Get On It: A Black Entrepreneur’s Lessons on Creating Legacy & Wealth. This compelling guide, filled with true stories and practical tools, empowers Black entrepreneurs and individuals from marginalized communities to build lasting legacies and achieve financial success.

Dana Frank’s story begins in 1950 with her father, Gerald Frank, a determined Black man who arrived in Seattle at 18. Escaping Detroit’s violence and Jim Crow laws, Gerald brought his dreams and drumsticks, laying the foundation for a real estate empire that continues to thrive under the Frank family’s third generation.

Get Up & Get On It vividly depicts the hurdles faced by the Frank family. Dana confronted racial barriers and unconventional business choices made by her father. After her parents’ thirty-two-year marriage ended in divorce, Dana and her mother became fearless business partners, facing near-bankruptcy. Their story is one of fortitude, perseverance, and hard work. As a single mother and entrepreneur, Dana leveraged her network and envisioned a brighter future for her family and other marginalized people.

The book offers:

  • Personal Stories: Insights on reshaping your inner narrative.
  • R.E.A.L. Method: A practical approach to building generational wealth through Research, Expansion, Amplification, and Leveraging connections.
  • Guidance and Empowerment: Strategies for progressing and succeeding in wealth-building through real estate, applicable to all wealth-building sectors.
  • Historical Photos: Illustrating the family’s ties to challenging real estate markets and the music scene, including Dana’s uncle, Quincy Jones.
  • Social-Justice Poems: Original poems by Dana Frank that kick off every chapter, emphasizing that People of Color can “Get Up and Get On It!”

Get Up & Get On It is essential reading for entrepreneurs, executives, philanthropists, and anyone seeking inspiration to unlock their full potential. Celebrate Juneteenth by diving into Dana Frank’s remarkable journey and discover how to rewrite your own story of success.

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About Dana Frank: Dana Frank is an author, entrepreneur, and President of The TD Frank Family Properties. Passionate about helping individuals create generational wealth and achieve their dreams, Dana has inspired many through her story, seminars, and workshops. Get Up & Get On It: A Black Entrepreneur’s Lessons on Creating Legacy & Wealth is available now on Amazon, Target, Barnes and Noble, and at

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