New Inspirational Handbook, “Zen and the Art of Navigating College,” Underscores the Need to Take Control of the Education Process

INDIANAPOLIS, July 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Foreword Publicity announces the release of Zen and the Art of Navigating College: An Inquiry into the True Nature of Education and the Power of Self-Discovery, by Peter Klein.

College can offer invaluable experience. Unfortunately, 2/3rds of college graduates end up in careers having nothing to do with their major. Students often fail to garner the skills needed for a viable career. The problem is how can you find your purpose without understanding yourself?

This book empowers the reader to capture the full potential of a college education. At the intersection of knowledge, philosophy and the metaphysical, one can find insights and understanding that can have powerful influence on one’s perspective to advance awareness and help to frame who we are.

Drawing upon the great contemporary thinkers, this book reveals a revolutionary way to navigate the complexities and pitfalls of college. Robert Pirsig referred to it as lateral knowledge, “a knowledge that’s from a wholly unexpected direction.”

It’s the first-of-its-kind handbook to get what you really need:

  • Look beyond the limited views of gifted academics unable to see your talents and ambitions.
  • Develop social and professional networks.
  • Take full advantage of college facilities to facilitate self-discovery.
  • Select courses that will help you get job interviews.

The book has garnered a glowing review from Readers’ Favorite, earning a 5-star award, and has received a recommended status from the US Review of Books.

Peter Klein born in a hastily assembled refugee camp. His migration to America resulted in the crossing of huge cultural divide, triggering a lifelong search for answers. A wide field of study has allowed him to connect the dots. He writes non-fiction books that are part storytelling, part letter to a younger generation and part auto biographical, wrestling with issues that have confounded people.

Zen and the Art of Navigating College: An Inquiry into the True Nature of Education and the Power of Self-Discovery (ISBN:978-1637555083) is published by Mascot Books and is on sale now from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Amplify Publishing Group (APG). It is distributed by APG, Ingram, the American Wholesale Book Company, Baker & Taylor, and Follett Library Resources. Find the accompanying eBook on Amazon.

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