Onio Publishing Releases Author’s Disturbing Yet Powerful Memoir That Inspires Its Readers More Than It Shocks Them

Onio Publishing Releases Author’s Disturbing Yet Powerful Memoir That Inspires Its Readers More Than It Shocks Them

Antonio Ricardo Cannady’s painstaking debut book, ‘The Black Pages: The Memoir Setting Me Free,’ is available exclusively through Barnes & Noble.

LOS ANGELES, April 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Garnering a consistent four out of five stars on the highly respected book publishing platform NetGalley, Antonio Ricardo Cannady’s book ‘The Black Pages: The Memoir Setting Me Free’ invokes anger, empathy, and possible judgment from its readers. The memoir catapults its readers into his dark upbringing, riddled with bad choices and self-defeating behaviors, but also glimpses of hope and is summarized as:

Independent writer and filmmaker Antonio Ricardo Cannady wrote screenplays that got him invited through the exclusive doors of CBS Television, appearances on TMZ, and mentoring by an Emmy award-winning TV producer, which led him to a six-figure writing offer from Whitfield Entertainment Group (WEG), an entertainment company affiliated with a Grammy-winning recording artist and a Grammy-nominated artist. 

What isn’t known is that Antonio is the byproduct of an emotionally and physically violent childhood home that endured years of domestic trauma, only to escape and emotionally bleed onto the streets of Orlando, Florida, and, unfortunately, onto others as well. For years, he battled a powder cocaine addiction, undiagnosed mental disorders, relationship issues, and the arduous struggle to keep the broken boy within himself the darkest of secrets.

While maneuvering from Orlando to the streets of Los Angeles in search of something outside of himself, Antonio was armed with every damaging tool imaginable that could ignite his pending self-destruction. Fortunately, a truth was revealed along his journey, resulting in a rerouting of his path. So, how did he sidestep and overcome such a clear, definite, and unfortunate fate?

Within the pages of this book, Antonio discloses and reveals his objectional journey, truth, complete transparency, and vulnerability, along with the lessons and insights he learned through some of his darkest days that ultimately led to the light along his path leading him into his calling of helping others.

Antonio Ricardo Cannady states, “I shoveled through years of traumatic experiences to write this book. Past shame and guilt hindered me for years, but thanks to therapy, I was able to travel into my past and share my story with those willing to understand.”

‘The Black Pages: The Memoir Setting Me Free’ is now exclusively at Barnes & Noble.

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