Orange Frazer Press Marks 37 Years of Traditional Publishing: Bespoke Ohio Publisher Celebrates Decades of Beautifully Crafted Books for Exclusive Clientele

Orange Frazer Press Marks 37 Years of Traditional Publishing: Bespoke Ohio Publisher Celebrates Decades of Beautifully Crafted Books for Exclusive Clientele

WILMINGTON, Ohio, Feb. 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In an industry dominated by e-publishing, print on demand, monolithic online sellers, and the chaotic babble of AI-generated content, Orange Frazer Press (OFP) continues to shine as a traditional publishing lighthouse. Dedicated to the craft of fine books, the independent publisher continues to thrive despite tectonic shifts in the landscape. Producing limited-run, exquisitely crafted projects for a selective high-end clientele, OFP is one of the last practitioners in a historic industry.

A Legacy of Excellence and Adaptation

Originally founded by three friends in 1987, with company paperwork signed in a gas station parking lot, OFP began with a dream to produce spectacular literary creations:

“It started off small, one book at a time, with old-world handcrafted elements,” said Marcy Hawley, co-founder of OFP. “For instance, using typesetters who converted our manuscripts into type which we meticulously pasted, one section at a time, into unique book designs with wax, X-ACTO® knives, and a glacial patience. We grew up in the shadow of publishing giants even then, but we never had to compete. Because we found our strength by offering what they still cannot: a personal touch, a commitment to excellence, and a dedication to storytelling that honors the author’s vision and the reader’s imagination.”

Thriving Despite Digital Dominance

While acknowledging the convenience of e-publishing and the reach of platforms like Amazon, OFP has carved out its own niche by offering a personalized book publishing experience that caters to organizations, businesses, and legacy clients that value quality over quantity.

“We pour our soul into each book we create,” said Hawley. “We understand and use current technology, and we have self-publishing options, but we celebrate the human touch and the craft itself. That is what’s important. The energy we invest into each book cannot be replicated by algorithms and our readers and clients know that. They seek something more than just content: they want a tactile reading experience from a lovely artifact they can hold. They want a published piece of their own history.”

Custom Luxury Books Now – With a Confident Future

“Every new project is the start of a unique adventure for us. For example, we’ve recently been chosen to design and then publish a book for EquaSion, the Cincinnati organization whose mission is to engage people of all faiths for an equitable and just community for everyone. Cincinnati panoramic photographer, Tom Schiff, travelled the U.S. to photograph over 100 churches, cathedrals, mosques, and synagogues. ‘Sacred Spaces: Experiencing Liminality,’ to be released next fall, will be the physical expression of his, their, and our work. For us, it’s the trifecta of great book publishing.”

A few other special finished volumes from the OFP Library include:

  • “From Bulldog to Bengal: The Joe Burrow Story Through the Eyes of His Hometown,” by Scott Burson with Sam Smathers
  • “GE Aviation: 100 Years of Reimagining Flight,” by Rick Kennedy
  • “The Savior: General Oliver Prince Smith,” by Nick Ragland, Co-Chair of the Board of Directors for The Gorilla Glue Company, and Tom Schwettman

“Our clients come to us because they know that what we offer is not just a book, it’s a legacy,” Hawley explained. “And though we’ve seen the world of publishing transform in ways we never could have imagined, we remain. Because we still believe in the value of a specially crafted book produced in a small batch. It’s an art form we have perfected and we still love what we do. Our clients do as well.”

Visit OFP online to view the complete catalog of fine books on offer – along with detailed testimonials from past and current clients. And join the OFP community for exclusive behind-the-scenes content and updates: Facebook, Instagram.

About Orange Frazer Press

Located in historic Wilmington, Ohio, Orange Frazer Press stands as a beacon in independent publishing. Crafting expert custom books for diverse clients – including affluent individuals, CEOs, colleges, organizations, celebrities, and athletes – OFP’s dedication to quality, tradition, and craftsmanship continues to set it apart in a fast-changing industry. While still upholding the founders’ vision to celebrate the enduring power of storytelling. Explore the OFP experience at:

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