Preorders Open: Nonfiction Book ‘Cult of GT-R’ Explores Crime and Controversy of the Nissan Skyline

Preorders are open now for paperback and eBook copies through and other major retailers. The book will ship on November 6, 2023.

LONG BEACH, Calif., Oct. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Carrara Media proudly announces the launch of its latest nonfiction title, Cult of GT-R: A True Story of Crime, Obsession and the World’s Most Coveted Car, available now. The new book traces the history and legacy of an era-defining sports car, both on and off the track, and the GT-R’s rise to become a global and cultural phenomenon immortalized in film, video games and street racing lore.

As the follow-up to his nonfiction debut Slow Car Fast in 2019, author Ryan ZumMallen tackles the GT-R’s complicated subculture to meet enthusiasts and fanatics who move the needle in this community — stretching from the U.S. to Japan. Informed by his experiences behind the wheel, in the passenger’s seat, and deep inside courthouses from California to Florida, Cult of GT-R moves as briskly as the street racers who pushed the GT-R to its limit… and beyond.

Interested buyers can choose between two versions. The standard edition includes fifteen chapters of riveting history, first-hand experiences and never-reported revelations about the GT-R underworld.

The second version is Cult of GT-R | Wangan Edition, limited to 250 units each numbered and signed by the author, with premium paper quality and an exclusive cover paying tribute to the GT-R’s rare and iconic Midnight Purple paint.

“There is no story in the automotive world quite like that of the Skyline GT-R,” ZumMallen said. “I am honored and thrilled to share Cult of GT-R with this global, impassioned fanbase.”

Over the course of a year, ZumMallen interviewed dozens of GT-R owners to discover the roots of their passion, including those willing to break the law and evade regulators on their tail. He also traveled to Japan to visit iconic locations, meet with GT-R buyers and sellers on the ground, and learn from pillars in the community.

Helping to bring Cult of GT-R to life is a talented team of editors. Among them are journalism professor and music, food and culture writer Sarah Bennett (LA Weekly; Beer Paper L.A.) and automotive columnist and television host Sam Smith (Road & Track; NBC’s Proving Grounds).

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