Productivity expert Aytekin Tank releases new book

After nearly two decades as Founder and CEO of Jotform, Tank shares his recipe for success

SAN FRANCISCO, May 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Automation plays a critical role in the overall efficiency of an organization as business leaders look to streamline processes and boost productivity. In the new book, Automate Your Busywork: Do Less, Achieve More, and Save Your Brain for the Big Stuff – launching today and available now – Jotform founder and CEO Aytekin Tank explains how any professional can use automation to eliminate tedious busywork.

“The automation revolution is here,” said Tank. “I wrote this book to help people understand that automation is for everyone and that it can be used to cut out hours of busywork from their lives, freeing them up to tackle bigger, more creative projects.”

Automate Your Busywork is for those who want to understand how they can build automation into core business functions, like HR, as well as into their own individual workflows to save time and get more work done. This step-by-step guide shows readers how to:   

  • Diagnose their workflow to help them determine what parts of it can be automated
  • Develop an automation-first mindset to help them implement automation in other parts of their lives other than work
  • Design a life without busywork and how to automate their memory, communication and more

“Automation has been fundamental to my own success as well,” said Tank. “Shortly after founding Jotform in 2006, I was drowning in busywork and had to find a way to cut it out so that I could work on the bigger, more creative work that was really going to help me bring Jotform to market. Since deploying automation, I’ve been able to build Jotform into a global SaaS company with over 500 team members and 20 million users.”

Automate Your Busywork is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Books-A-Million. Visit for more information.

About Aytekin Tank
Aytekin Tank is the founder and CEO of Jotform, and author of Automate Your Busywork. Tank is an expert on entrepreneurship, productivity, technology and bootstrapping with nearly two decades of experience leading a global workforce. He’s also a frequent contributor to Fast Company and Entrepreneur.

About Jotform
With Jotform, organizations go from busywork to less work with powerful forms that use conditional logic, accept payments, generate reports, automate workflows and more. With over 17 years in business and 20 million users worldwide, Jotform is a trusted global brand that’s expanding every day.

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