Project Managers Can Play a Vital Role in Aligning IT Change Management and Project Management for Better Business Outcomes, Says Info-Tech Research Group

The firm explains in a new industry resource that an effective change management process promotes staff compliance, leading to fewer unauthorized changes and service disruptions.

TORONTO, May 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ – As more organizations leverage digital adoption platforms and facilitate changes in work culture, Info-Tech Research Group advises them integrate change and project management methodologies. However, aligning IT change management with project management can pose significant challenges, requiring IT leaders to coordinate and prioritize efforts. To help enterprises address these challenges and achieve better business outcomes, the global IT research and advisory firm has published a new blueprint, Align Projects With the IT Change Lifecycle.

Info-Tech’s latest industry resource highlights the critical role that project managers play in the alignment process, which includes representation on the change advisory board (CAB) and ensuring their projects are appropriately prioritized and scheduled. However, there are also common obstacles encountered in aligning projects with the IT change lifecycle that need to be mitigated. One of the most common challenges is that changes to the project scope are inadequately communicated, which can result in scheduling conflicts during the go-live stage. Another challenge is finding the right balance of touchpoints between change and project management, where too few can lead to conflicts, but too many can cause delays.

“Misalignment between IT change management and project management leads to headaches for both practices,” says Benedict Chang, senior advisory analyst at Info-Tech Research Group. “Project managers should aim to be represented in the change advisory board to ensure their projects are prioritized and scheduled appropriately.”

To enhance the integration of change and project management, it is suggested in the new resource that organizations establish touchpoints between IT change management and project management at key stages in the change and project lifecycles.

To help businesses identify touchpoints and improve alignment, Info-Tech recommends using the following change lifecycle approach:

  • Intake and planning: Define what a change is and what a project is.
  • Build and test: Keep communications open by defining and communicating project milestones in advance.
  • Approval: Define how project management effectively contributes to the CAB.
  • Implementation: Leverage the request for change form at implementation to record successes and failures.
  • Post-implementation: Tackle the most neglected portion of change management to avoid making the same mistake twice.

“Standardizing implementation and post-implementation across everyone involved ensures more successful changes and socialized or documented lessons learned for when implementations do not go well,” explains Chang.

The research shows that one of the keys to achieving business satisfaction with IT is ensuring IT satisfaction with change management. By establishing an efficient change management process, staff members become more motivated to follow the process, leading to fewer unauthorized changes. As a result, the number of service disruptions decreases, ultimately leading to increased business satisfaction.

To learn more about the IT change management approach recommended by Info-Tech and industry analysts, download the complete Align Projects With the IT Change Lifecycle blueprint.

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