SparkCognition CEO and Best-Selling Author Amir Husain Cuts Through AI Fog in New Generative AI Book to Help CEOs Understand This Game-Changing Technology

SparkCognition CEO and Best-Selling Author Amir Husain Cuts Through AI Fog in New Generative AI Book to Help CEOs Understand This Game-Changing Technology

#1 New book release on Amazon for leaders looking to get started with generative AI

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Artificial Intelligence pundit and CEO of SparkCognition, Amir Husain, has launched his new book, Generative AI for Leaders, a comprehensive guide for CEOs, C-suite executives, and managers looking to understand how this technology can enhance business productivity, improve decision-making, and spur innovation. The book will help business leaders establish a robust and comprehensive generative AI strategy, build a multidisciplinary team with diverse skills, and select the right generative AI approach.

In praise of the book, reviewers call it:

  • “…an essential for any leader interested in keeping up with the times” – Prof. Peter Stone, professor of computer science at UT Austin, director of Texas Robotics, and executive director of Sony AI America
  • “…the indispensable companion for CEOs, C-suite executives, and managers trying to cut through the AI fog to understand what Generative AI can do for their companies” – Lieutenant General John (Jack) N.T. Shanahan, USAF, Retired, inaugural director of the U.S. Department of Defense Joint AI Center; and
  • “…a timely response to the challenges faced by leaders, around the world, who are seeking to successfully lead in an era of technological, political and business disruptions” Vinod Philip, Executive Board Member and Chief Technology Officer at Seimens Energy.

A pragmatist and visionary, Husain is a serial entrepreneur, inventor, and technologist. He serves on The University of Texas at Austin Department of Computer Science’s Board of Advisors, the NATO Maritime Unmanned Systems Innovation Advisory Board, and the Council on Foreign Relations. He is well-studied on trends shaping how AI-enabled data platforms help Fortune 500 companies better optimize their businesses in nearly every vertical.

Husain is also an author, having written two top-selling books, “The Sentient Machine: The Coming Age of Artificial Intelligence” and the essay compilation “Hyperwar, Conflict and Competition in the AI Century.” In his third book, Generative AI for Leaders, Husain argues that generative AI is “not just a technological innovation; it is a new canvas for creativity, a new tool for problem-solving, and a new frontier for exploration.” He underscores that the technology has the potential to drive disruption, foster innovation, and create competitive advantages.

Generative AI For Leaders includes multiple use cases to demonstrate the efficacy and effectiveness of this technology. For example, the book cites the ground-breaking collaboration between SparkCognition and Shell to accelerate the pace of imaging and exploration using generative AI technology. The solution uses deep learning to generate subsurface images, using as little as 1% of the data than traditionally necessary while preserving subsurface image quality. This AI technology can offer substantial workflow acceleration and compute cost-saving, opening the door to novel applications and further innovation.

Husain also examines the obstacles to adopting generative AI, including bias, security, and regulation issues. He emphasizes that “leaders need to understand these challenges, as well as the moral implications of using Generative AI. It is their responsibility to ensure the technology is used in a manner that is ethical, fair, and beneficial for all stakeholders.”

Amir Husain is available for interviews, features, and events. Generative AI For Leaders is on sale now through Amazon.

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