The Call to Freedom: A Memoir by Diana Lockett Celebrates Healing and Love

VANCOUVER, BC, April 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ – The Call to Freedom: Heal Your Pain, Awaken Your Loving Presence brings fresh insight into the journey of healing after trauma. 5-time bestselling author, Lockett brings readers on the path from trauma to love, sharing her story of healing her pain and living a life of radical responsibility and freedom.

In The Call to Freedom, Diana shows readers how they can set healthy boundaries and cultivate compassion and forgiveness. Lockett says “Even tragic misunderstandings are part of the beautiful fabric of life. Pain and joy are Universal, and so is the infinite potential for healing and wholeness.” While the story inside the book is Diana’s, the powerful teachings within are for every reader.

This book took 7 years to complete and Lockett has done the inner work to reveal powerful tools and practices for the reader. Diana’s career as a conscious communication leadership consultant/Coach means that she is also pulling from years of professional experience helping others find their purpose, connect, heal and thrive in their lives. Diana is a caring, compassionate storyteller who unearths the honest and powerful words the world needs to hear today.

Readers are praising Diana’s beautifully crafted, intimate, vulnerable and wisdom filled journey revealed in The Call to Freedom:

“If your heart needs healing, this book offers the gentle reassuring comfort of a cashmere blanket with a cup of cocoa on a chilly day and the soothing whisper of wisdom, fortitude and bravery which will stir from deep within you, building the healing acceptance that your life, though full of trials and tribulations, is a gift.”

“This book is a phenomenal read that will encourage you to embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and transformation.”

The Call to Freedom doesn’t shy away from life’s painful moments. Instead, it shows readers how to transform trauma and cradle this precious experience called life with love.

One week before publishing this book, Diana’s book designer perished in a tragic fire with the files lost with her. At the last minute, and with a heavy heart, Diana was able to complete and publish the book and now dedicates it to her Book Designer, Dania Zafar.

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