The Epoch Times and Sen. Ron Johnson Host Screening of Jan. 6 Documentary in U.S. Capitol

‘The Real Story of January 6 Part 2: The Long Road Home’
Now Available on EpochTV

WASHINGTON , Jan. 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The Epoch Times held a screening on Jan. 9, 2024, in the U.S. Capitol building for the second part of EpochTV’s exposé-style documentary, “The Real Story of January 6 Part 2: The Long Road Home.” Part two was released exclusively on EpochTV on the third anniversary of the momentous day in January of 2021.

The screening, hosted by Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), invited the public and lawmakers alike to join him in viewing the long-anticipated documentary which promises to tell the truth about what took place on Jan. 6, 2021 and the months and years following.

“The federal government has not given the American public any reason to trust them,” said Sen. Johnson as part of his opening remarks. “This is a very important documentary for the American public to see.”

Immediately after the screening, The Epoch Times senior editor and host of “American Thought LeadersJan Jekielek emceed a panel of experts and commentators, including William Shipley, a 21-year DOJ prosecutor turned defense attorney; national security expert and former national intelligence strategist Tom Speciale; Heritage Institute Oversight Project Director Mike Howell; Sarah McAbee, the wife of a Jan. 6 detainee who’s been separated from her husband for years in the wake of his arrest; and Epoch Times senior investigative reporter Joseph Hanneman, host and writer of the documentary.

Jeff Clark, the former assistant attorney general under President Donald Trump and a co-defendant in President Trump’s Georgia election case, urges Americans to watch the documentary. “I think everyone should want to be well-informed,” he said. “Watching a movie like this would help people to get a broader perspective. And then they can start to ask questions and ask for a balanced investigation by Congress.” 

“The Real Story of January 6 Part 2: The Long Road Home” takes a closer look at the injustices done in the prosecution process, including depriving defendants of fair due process, long-term pretrial detention, the abuse of SWAT raids, advancing felony charges without substantial criminal evidence, mistreatment in jail, and more.

“I just have to thank Epoch Times for being those journalists that are utilizing our First Amendment rights to freedom of press, freedom of speech, being the honest broker in terms of trying to expose and tell the American people the truth.” praised Sen. Johnson.

“All I could ask of anybody here in the audience or listening in a later video tape is please try and find out what the truth is, discern it. Look up sites like Epoch Times, subscribe,” implored Sen. Johnson. “We haven’t even begun to be told the full story, which means the truth about January 6.”

Watch the full trailer here and read The Epoch Times’ full story on the screening here.

For more information about the documentary, visit and follow the documentary on social media at @realstoryofJ6.

Join Epoch Times senior investigative reporter Joseph Hanneman as he reveals shocking evidence of how the wide-ranging prosecutions of Jan. 6 defendants have been handled with injustice. With legal expertise, personal stories of Jan. 6 defendants, exclusive Capitol Hill security footage (The Epoch Times was given access to 40,000 hours of Capitol Hill security footage), and first-hand testimonies of FBI whistleblowers, this documentary delves into the truth of Jan. 6 criminal investigations and how they have changed American life. The documentary reveals the untold stories of the Jan. 6 defendants whose liberties were infringed upon and the truth of how they’ve been treated ever since—a fine line between justice and political vengeance. This documentary is the culmination of a 3-year investigation by The Epoch Times to search for the truth.

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