What Does God Have To Say? A Biblical Worldview from A to Z New Book by Times Square Church Pastor Tim Dilena

What Does God Have To Say? A Biblical Worldview from A to Z New Book by Times Square Church Pastor Tim Dilena

NEW YORK, Jan. 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — A worldview is the lens through which one sees and defines life. Everyone has a worldview, but not every worldview has God in it. A biblical worldview is based on what the Bible says. A recent survey revealed that only slightly more than one-third of American Christian pastors possess a biblical worldview. Tim Dilena’s latest book, What Does God Have to Say? A Biblical Worldview from A to Z is a compelling call to embrace God’s perspective and rediscover the enduring truths of the Bible–God’s stormproof building code.

“Just as state codes offer clear instructions on how to build in preparation for storms, God has given us His stormproof building code. Jesus Himself spoke about the importance of building our lives according to that code, referring to those who do so as wise,” Dilena explains.

“We are all involved in building. The materials for storm proofing are found in obedience to the Word of God. Going to church and reading the Bible are good things, but obeying God is the key. The real test comes when the storms hit.”

Carter Conlon, General Overseer and Former Senior Pastor of Times Square Church, urged Dilena to write the book. “There is still Truth. Solid, proven, and directional truth. What Does God Have to Say? is about this kind of truth. Today, despite what anyone says, our future is in embracing what God has to say.”

As our society has moved away from God, the truth has become elusive and obfuscated. “We have removed the King of Kings from schools, public places, and the courts. We even want to take the King out of Christmas, says Dilena. “The result? When you remove the King, man becomes king. When man becomes king, truth becomes personal. When truth becomes personal, you get to choose how to define ‘your truth.'”

In the 26 chapters of What Does God Have to Say? Dilena pulls from scripture, Christian speakers and authors, as well as cultural references and personal stories, to dive into the essence of a biblical worldview and the consequences of a perspective devoid of God. Drawing parallels to state building codes that prepare for storms, Dilena illustrates the significance of adhering to God’s stormproof building code. Obedience to God’s Word becomes the foundational material for a life built to withstand the storms of our times.

Dilena believes the time is ripe to re-examine what constitutes a biblical worldview. “With one glance at today’s society, it is evident that a storm is already upon us. This storm is the majority calling evil “good” and good “evil”—and a battle ensues when the Church calls evil “evil” and good “good.” We are living in a critical hour when the Church must be equipped to stand and speak with one voice. We have lived long enough by “what seems right.” It is time to get right, to believe right and to do what is right. God has graciously given us his stormproof code. We need to build accordingly.”

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Tim Dilena is the senior pastor of Times Square Church and has over 40 years of pastoral leadership and experience. As the third senior pastor since the church’s founding in 1987 by David Wilkerson, Dilena has a rich history in ministry, including founding the Revival Tabernacle in Detroit and pastoring in Brooklyn, NY, and Lafayette, LA. He has been a featured speaker for MLB, NFL, and WNBA chapels and authored The 260 Journey, a daily devotional through the New Testament.

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