Work Can Be Hard Work, but “You Got This! – The Ultimate Career Guide for the Modern Professional” by Heide Abelli

Work Can Be Hard Work, but “You Got This! – The Ultimate Career Guide for the Modern Professional” by Heide Abelli

BARRINGTON, R.I., Feb. 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Congratulations, you got the job! Now what?

More than ever before, employees are on their own navigating the workplace. Remote and hybrid workplaces pose even greater complexity and challenges, especially for Gen Z employees trying to find their way. In a world where wise counsel can be hard to find, “You Got This!” from respected talent development expert Heide Abelli is now available to become the at-the-ready coach for those just starting, or even well into, their careers.

“I wrote this book because the career journey is filled with uncertainty and challenges, especially at the beginning,” writes Abelli. “You Got This!” isn’t an ordinary job guide; it’s akin to having a seasoned, supportive mentor advising you at every hurdle.”

In “You Got This!” Abelli combines her diverse roles as an educator, workforce development expert, and business professional, offering a wealth of expertise, insights, and experience that cater to a broad audience, from those just starting their careers to more established professionals. 

“You Got This!” is an easy-to-follow roadmap for mastering the soft skills necessary to make working work. While it doesn’t skip common challenges like how to network or ask for a raise, it dives far deeper, into complex workplace dynamics with coworkers and supervisors. Chapters cover everything from what to do when a coworker is a slacker or takes credit for your work, to what to do when a boss gaslights you or is jealous of your success. “You Got This!” also tackles little-discussed challenges like overcoming self-doubt and bringing your authentic self to work. It looks at challenges around self-advocacy, how to capture the attention of senior executives, and the right way to sell your ideas. It even helps with sensitive topics such as what to do when you are embarrassed or excluded at work, with a strong focus on wellness, mental health, and handling toxic workplace environments.

“You Got This!” addresses over 130 work-related challenges, providing straightforward advice, practical tips, and empowering strategies that can be applied immediately as situations arise. Whether as a personal resource or a valued gift for a graduate just entering the workforce, “You Got This!” is a tool for transformation—ideal for anyone looking not just to survive, but to thrive in the modern workplace.

About the Author – Heide Abelli
With a rich background in talent development, an MBA from Harvard Business School, and decades of real-world business experience, Heide Abelli brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this book. Her role as an Adjunct Professor of Management gives her authentic and forward-thinking insight into the unique challenges faced by younger generations, including Gen Z, and how to overcome them. Learn more about what inspired Heide to write “You Got This!”

“You Got This!” is available for purchase at book retailers and all major online platforms (Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Walmart). For more information about the author, visit  

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