World-Renowned Author Jim Harris Explores Disruptive Innovation and Hints at A.I.’s Role in New Video

World-Renowned Author Jim Harris Explores Disruptive Innovation and Hints at A.I.’s Role in New Video

TORONTO, June 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Best-selling author and celebrated thought leader Jim Harris has unveiled an insightful new video on the profound impact of disruptive innovation and offers a tantalizing glimpse into the role of artificial intelligence (A.I.) in shaping future disruption.

The video, titled “Disruptive Innovation and the Transformative Impact of A.I.” promises to be an essential guide for business leaders, entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in the rapidly evolving landscape of innovation and technology.

ChatGPT and AI has exploded into the consciousness of the business executives. ChatGPT 3 was released on November 30, 2022 and in five days attracted a million users. By comparison, Netflix 3.5 years to hit that milestone.

Within 60 days ChatGPT attracted 100 million users making it the fastest growing consumer app in the world’s history.

This has created an AI race. For executives this means the AI tools in the coming months and years will 1) be more powerful; 2) easier to use. Companies that embed AI in their corporate processes alongside people will outperform those that don’t.

In this 14-minute exploration, Harris demystifies the concept of disruptive innovation, a term that has become increasingly prevalent in discussions surrounding business growth and success in today’s fast-paced world. Known for his ability to translate complex ideas into compelling narratives, Harris brings clarity to how disruptive innovation works, the implications for established businesses, and the transformative potential it holds for various industries.

While the primary focus is on disruptive innovation, Harris also offers a teaser on A.I.’s potential role in shaping the future of innovation. Without delving too deep into the intricacies of A.I., Harris acknowledges its influence as a force multiplier in disruptive innovation, laying a foundation for future in-depth explorations.

“Disruptive innovation isn’t merely a buzzword—it’s a reality that businesses across industries must contend with,” Harris explained. “Understanding its mechanisms and being prepared to harness its power are crucial for any business that aims to succeed in today’s competitive landscape. The goal of this video is to enlighten viewers on these aspects and prepare them for the future, which undoubtedly will be influenced by artificial intelligence.”

The release of this video follows Harris’s rich history of contributing to conversations on disruption, innovation, and change. As the author of international best-sellers like “Blindsided” and “The Learning Paradox,” Harris has always been at the forefront of helping organizations navigate and prosper in times of rapid change.

The video, now available on YouTube, is anticipated to attract viewers from across the globe, considering the universal relevance of its topic. While disruptive innovation is a global phenomenon, the ways it is leveraged and managed can vary, making insights like those provided by Harris invaluable.

“This new video from Jim Harris is more than just a fantastic presentation—it’s a vital tool for anyone wanting to understand the dynamic of disruptive innovation and get a sense of how A.I. will change our lives,” said Salim Ismail, author of the bestselling Exponential Organizations 2.0

The video concludes with a call-to-action, urging viewers to remain curious, embrace change, and stay informed to successfully navigate the shifting business landscape.

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Jim Harris is one of North America’s foremost thought leaders, authors, and speakers on disruption and change. He works internationally providing insights to organizations on emerging trends, innovation, and strategies to facilitate change. He has authored multiple influential books, including “Blindsided” and “The Learning Paradox”, which have been recognized as significant contributions to thought leadership in business strategy and innovation. 

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