Xue Mo’s Mater Work Ignite Readers to Quest Life and the Universe

Xue Mo’s Mater Work Ignite Readers to Quest Life and the Universe

CHICAGO, April 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Acclaimed Author Xue Mo’s mater work titled “Curses of the kingdom of Xixia” has been honored to be shortlisted for the Foreword Indies multicultural novel category for the year 2024 during this month.

“Curses of the Kingdom of Xixia” tells a story about corruption and redemption, centered around a child named Qiong who faces two paths: following in his father’s footsteps as a bandit leader, or pursuing salvation as his Buddhist mother wishes. These two forces vie for the son’s fate. After many thrilling episodes, Qiong, along with a woman named Snow Feather (Xueyu’er), transcends through the power of love.

Xue Mo employs magical realism in “Curses of the Kingdom of Xixia,” combined with the rich cultural backdrop of China’s western region, to create a fantasy world that spans a millennium. The novel, through its complex narrative structure and rich symbolic imagery, explores themes of fate, faith, and the limits of human nature. For Xue Mo, Xixia is not merely a geographical concept or historical symbol but a spiritual homeland filled with philosophical implications, offering profound reflections on freedom, power, morality, and faith.

Through his reflection on and transcendence of traditional Confucian, Buddhist, and Taoist systems, coupled with profound explorations of freedom, fate, and faith, Xue Mo has constructed a unique literary and philosophical world. In this world, Xue Mo is not only an outstanding literary figure but also a hidden philosopher, whose works ignite readers’ contemplation on the most fundamental questions of life and the universe, offering a new pathway to spiritual freedom and the value of life.

Xue Mo also considered “Curses of the Kingdom of Xixia” as the most unexpected and astonishing work among all his literary creations.

“This novel delves into the enigmatic dynasty and forbidden era of China, imbued with magical realism. The novel depicts the extremes of humanity: war and famine, lust and riots, love and faith. It challenges the facade of deification while exploring profound questions of life’s greatest evils and the search for the truest beliefs.

Neyko Genchev, President of Faber Publishers and Deputy Mayor of Sofia, Bulgaria, also dropped by to congratulate Mr. Xue Mo on his new publication. As he commented “Two years ago, at the Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF), I bought a copy of ‘Select Stories by Xue Mo.’ At the time, I was unfamiliar with his work, but after returning home and delving into the book, I was absolutely amazed. I felt as though I was discovering the best Chinese writer who deeply understands China’s rich culture and traditions. It might sound exaggerated, but to me, he truly represents or is the reincarnation of all the great Chinese philosophers and writers from the past, embodying thousands of years of oriental culture.”

In Xue Mo’s words: “May each one of us light up our hearts, illuminate ourselves and all of humanity, and welcome a new dawn of peace in this world at the crossroads.”

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