Boneyard: Mel Gibson and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson’s crime thriller heads toward the Cannes market

Lionsgate is bringing Boneyard, a Bone Collector story starring Mel Gibson and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, to the Cannes market.

Mel Gibson and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson are ready to show the world they’re bad to the bone with Boneyard. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. The duo’s true crime thriller project is heading to the Cannes market, with Lionsgate leading the charge for another hot silver-screen serial killer story. Boneyard is currently in production with Asif Akbar (The Commando) directing from a script he co-wrote with Vincent E. McDaniel, Hank Byrd, and Koji Steven Sakai from a story by McDaniel. Colin Bates, Vincent E. McDaniel, Asif Akbar, and Roy Scott Macfarland produce.

According to DeadlineBoneyard revolves around FBI Special Agent Petrovick (Gibson), who “is recruited to profile the serial killer responsible for the infamous “boneyard” killings, after Police Chief Carter (Jackson) discovers the remains of eleven women. As the police force, narcotics agency, and FBI lock horns, a tangled web of intrigue turns everyone into a suspect.” If this story sounds familiar, it’s because it’s based on the serial killer known as the Bone Collector.

Known in many circles as the West Mesa Murders, the bodies of eleven women were found buried in 2009 in the desert on the West Mesa of Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States. Several suspects have been named, but none were arrested or charged. Despite the killings being similar to the dark work of a serial killer, APD and FBI agents say the murders could be related to a sex trafficking ring out of Texas. The remains of the killer’s victims were discovered when a development firm built a retaining wall to channel stormwater to a retention pond. The burial site was disturbed while digging in the area, causing the victim’s bones to rise to the site’s surface.

What do you think about Mel Gibson and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson teaming up for Asif Akbar’s Boneyard? Will they make a good pair? There are likely to be plenty of thrillers up for grabs at the Cannes market. Here’s hoping the package for Boneyard turns the heads of a studio ready to dig deep for this disturbing tale.

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