Eenie Meanie: Samara Weaving lines up her next thriller

Samara Weaving will star in the high-speed thriller Eenie Meanie, directed by Shawn Simmons and produced by the Deadpool writers

A couple years ago, it was announced that Shawn Simmons – creator and executive producer of the Prime Video series Wayne – would be writing an “irreverent high-speed thriller” for 20th Century Studios, with fellow Wayne executive producers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick (who are best known for writing Zombieland and the Deadpool movies) on board to produce the film. Now Deadline has confirmed that the project is moving forward under the title Eenie Meanie, with Simmons directing and Samara Weaving taking on the lead role.

Eenie Meanie is expected to be released through the Hulu streaming service. The story centers on a former teenage getaway driver who is dragged back into her unsavory past when a former employer offers her a chance to save the life of her chronically unreliable ex-boyfriend. With Weaving signing on to star in the film, it sounds like we know who’s going to be playing that getaway driver.

In recent years, Weaving has achieved scream queen status through her roles in projects like Ash vs. Evil Dead, The Babysitter, The Babysitter: Killer Queen, Mayhem, Ready or Not, and Scream VI. Despite the “thriller” label, it sounds like Eenie Meanie might turn out to be something more along the lines of Baby Driver than The Babysitter, so we might not be covering it much here on the Arrow in the Head horror side of JoBlo – but since Weaving has a following among horror fans, we figured it was worth mentioning at least once.

It may not be horror or even a dark thriller, but I definitely on board to watch a high-speed thriller that stars Samara Weaving and is produced by the Deadpool guys.

Does Eenie Meanie sound interesting to you? Are you a fan of Samara Weaving’s work? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Other Weaving projects we know we have to look forward to include the 1980s action thriller Bella, the action horror film Azrael, and the comedic thriller Borderline. Borderline happens to be written and directed by Weaving’s husband Jimmy Warden, the writer of Cocaine Bear and the upcoming Magic 8 Ball horror comedy.

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