Everything We Know About The Fantastic Four

Everything We Know About The Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four are called Marvel’s First Family because, well, they actually are. Back in 1961, the company formerly known as Timely Comics transitioned into Marvel Comics. They kept some of their titles, such as Journey Into Mystery, but began a new approach to superhero comics with The Fantastic Four. These new titles would show the internal drama between the characters and not just their superheroics. After these characters became a big hit, the company created other heroes such as The Incredible Hulk, Spider-Man, and Iron Man.

Fox would end up with the movie rights to bring these characters to the big screen but ultimately would produce content that really didn’t live up to what the comics promised. After four attempts (ironic), the rights have finally reverted back to Marvel Studios through Disney’s purchase of Twentieth Century Studios. Now that the MCU is around, fans are interested in seeing how the family will fit into the complex web of continuity that has become a bigger problem for Marvel.

Fantastic Four

Who Are The Fantastic Four?

While there have been some replacement characters throughout the years, the main cast of the FF (as they are often referred to in comics) are the primary family members. Sometimes, when rights become sticky, you’ll get a H.E.R.B.I.E. robot that was created for the 1978 animated series. Or, in the comics, a storyline will come up that will require Spider-Man, Wolverine, Hulk, and Ghost Rider to take over the mantle of the team when they go missing. Even sometimes Marvel will decide not to use the name Fantastic Four since Fox had the movie rights, and they wanted to lessen the popularity of the brand. Corporations can be shady.

Pedro Pascal Fantastic Four movie Reed Richards

Mister Fantastic Reed Richards

When the team went on a space mission and was bombarded with cosmic rays, the family patriarch, Reed Richards, gained the ability to stretch his body like a rubber band. His intellect is second to none, and he is considered the most intelligent person in the entire Marvel Universe. This has gotten him and the family in plenty of trouble on numerous occasions. He’s usually considered dull by a lot of his peers, as his absent-mindedness causes issues between his friends and family. His single focus on science has caused more than one Earth-shattering problem.

He was played by Ioan Gruffudd in the early 2000s and by Miles Teller in the last iteration. Lots of speculation was attached to the role as the internet fandom had attached John Krasinki to the role before. It gained enough of a groundswell that he would end up playing the character in Doctor Strange And The Multiverse Of Madness. With the family getting their own title now in the MCU, some even thought Adam Driver might be a front-runner for the role. In the end, it would go to someone who is well-known for jumping into well-known properties.

Pedro Pascal will be Reed Richards for the upcoming film. Being a big part of Star Wars, The Last Of Us, Game of Thrones, and the last Wonder Woman film just wasn’t enough for him. He truly is the Thanos of collecting massive fandom roles. How his Reed will differ from the others remains to be seen, but he has shown he can lead a family, even if it takes him a while to get there. Just ask Grogu and Ellie.

vanessa kirby, sue storm, fantastic four, casting

The Invisible Woman Sue Storm

Sue is considered one of the most powerful female superheroes in the Marvel Universe. During the group’s trip to outer space, Sue would gain invisibility. She can turn herself invisible and generate invisible force fields. This can sort of act as a form of telekinesis. Invisible barriers can push people apart or even trap them. She is married to Reed, and they have a couple of children in Franklin and Valeria.

When it comes to the family, Sue is thought of as the one who keeps the group together. With Reed’s aforementioned obsession with making new scientific discoveries, her hot-headed brother (literally), and her friendship with Ben Grimm, she is able to keep everyone from fracturing. Although when she has become the interest of Namor, whom we met in the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever film, it has proven that the family will put their differences aside to save her.

Jessica Alba and Kate Mara have both played her, but Vanessa Kirby will be portraying her in the upcoming film. This is fitting as renowned comic book artist Jack Kirby (no relation) was responsible for a lot of the early Fantastic Four comics. It should be interesting to see if Marvel has any ideas for setting her apart from previous character adaptations.

Joseph Quinn is joining Charles Melton in the untitled war movie Alex Garland and Ray Mendoza are making for A24

The Human Torch Johnny Storm

Sue’s younger brother was part of the team and found he had the ability to set himself ablaze when he returned home from the group’s mission. He would take on the moniker of The Human Torch, but he is actually not the first Marvel hero to use it. Back when the company was still known as Timely Comics, a character was already known as The Human Torch. This was an android named Jim Hammond. A scientist created him, and he could catch fire. The character was retired in the 50s, and Stan Lee reused the name and power set for the new characters he had come up with.

Johnny is usually shown as a brash character who sometimes acts before he thinks. This causes all sorts of issues and can cause tension on the team from Ben Grimm. His recklessness has made him form a friendship with Spider-Man, and the characters constantly try to outperform each other. This competition has made the duo a fan-favorite buddy team whenever they appear in a comic together.

Chris Evans previously played Johnny Storm in the early 2000s films. Fans hope for a cameo appearance as the character in the upcoming Marvel Multiverse film Secret Wars. For the 2015 film, Michael B. Jordan was cast as Sue’s adopted brother. Maybe we can get all the Johnny Storms together for this one? For the upcoming film, we’ll see Stranger Things Joseph Quinn takes on the role. His popularity on the show should bring a lot of fans in to see what he brings to the character.

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The Thing Ben Grimm

The most sympathetic of the group, Ben Grimm, transforms into the living rock formation The Thing. You would think they would name him something else since he is very sensitive about his appearance. He would often be portrayed as the group member who suffered the most from their newfound powers. While he is now strong enough to go toe-to-toe with The Hulk on numerous occasions, they show that this is a burden rather than a gift for him.

Even with his new body affliction, he would find love numerous times in the comics, even if it usually was never meant to be. His rivalry with Johnny usually plays a lot of the comic relief in the comics. Their banter back and forth is hilarious and some of the best parts of the books. Seeing a good version of this on screen would be a great addition to the MCU.

Michael Chiklis and Jamie Bell played the character before. This time out, we’ll see Ebon Moss-Bachrach from The Bear take on the role. From the numerous roles he has been known for, this version of the character should be interesting. Rather than trying to find an actor with a larger frame to play the role, they are going with someone who seems to have a large personality. He has confirmed that he will use motion capture to play The Thing. How it looks on screen will determine how successful the character is.

What’s It About?

That’s the big question. With all the Earth-threatening situations we have already seen in the MCU, we have to assume they are not present in the MCU at this moment. The excuse they used with The Eternals of them being told not to interfere with human problems isn’t going to cut it this time around. Let’s be honest, it didn’t really work the last time around.

From the teaser art that Marvel put out on Instagram when they announced the main cast, it could be assumed that the film will take place in the 1960s. The retro feel of the decor in the picture and the clothing the characters are wearing seem to indicate it. Could something have happened to cause the team to disappear? It’s not exactly the same thing, but it would be like putting Captain America on ice. The team is lost in the 60s and returns back to the world of 2024. It’s easy to see how this could be part of the story that leads into Secret Wars.

Javier Bardem Galactus

How Do They Fit Into Secret Wars?

The upcoming film Secret Wars is the focal point, similar to how Endgame was years ago, and this indicates that The Fantastic Four will play a pivotal role in the MCU. There has been no mention of who plays Doctor Doom when the FF hits the MCU. In the Secret Wars crossover, Doom plays an essential role. The universe is destroyed, but Doom is granted almost God-like powers to reassemble it. He grabs parts of alternate worlds to piece them together. So, for our understanding, it would be like he would grab part of the Fox X-Men universe, part of the Sony Spider-Man Universe, and part of the MCU and slap them together.

With Doctor Doom being such a big part of that story, it only makes sense that The Fantastic Four would play a pivotal role in Secret Wars. Rumors suggest Javier Bardem is being eyed to play Galactus for their solo film. This is one of the most famous Fantastic Four stories, so trying and getting that story on film would only make sense. Bardem can be a pretty stoic guy when the role calls for it. Just look at No Country For Old Men. Anything would have to be better than the cloud we saw the last time out.

The Silver Surfer is female?

One of the most controversial aspects of the new Fantastic Four movie is that it will be introducing the Silver Surfer into the MCU. However, it will not be the male Norrin Radd character most associated with the comic. Rather, it will be a female variant, Shalla-Bal, to be played by Ozark star Julie Garner.

Fantastic Four

When Can We See It?

As of now, the plan is for it to be released on July 25th, 2025. Still a ways out, but as we’ve seen with numerous Marvel films (looking at you Blade), release dates can shift at any time. With Marvel still trying to figure out what they are doing in the future after the firing of Jonathan Majors, next summer would be a great time to bring in the First Family to course-correct their direction. As the Avengers seem to be winding down in the MCU, it’s a good time to bring in the FF and the X-Men to push forward in a new direction. Hopefully, it will keep fans interested since the last couple of films don’t seem to be doing so well.

The movie will be shot in IMAX format:

At Disney’s CinemaCon presentation, it was announced by MCU head-honcho Kevin Feige that two upcoming Marvel films will be shot in IMAX, one of which is going to be Fantastic Four.

Are you excited for a new Fantastic Four film? Let us know in the comments. And yes, I didn’t talk about the Roger Corman film because that deserves its own column.

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