William Baldwin attacks Sharon Stone over Sliver sex claims

William Baldwin attacks Sharon Stone over Sliver sex claims

Billy Baldwin has gone after Sliver co-star Sharon Stone after claiming she was told to have sex with him by producer Robert Evans.

Sliver is a movie most of us probably haven’t thought about since we last saw it in the dollar bin. But here we are more than 30 years later discussing Sharon Stone, William Baldwin and their steamy sex scene…As it turns out, there is a pretty awful backstory to it, with Stone recently naming producer Robert Evans as the one who tried to coax her into having actual sex with Baldwin in order to improve his performance. And we all saw how that turned out…Now, Baldwin is attacking Stone, saying she must still have the hots for him if she’s digging up old dirt.

Taking to X following Stone’s Sliver revelation, Baldwin wrote, “Not sure why Sharon Stone keep talking about me all these years later? Does she still have a crush on me or is she still hurt after all these years because I shunned her advances? Did she say to her gal pal Janice Dickinson the day after I screen tested and ran into them on our MGM Grand flight back to New York… “I’m gonna make him fall so hard for me, it’s gonna make his head spin.” ??? I have so much dirt on her it would make her head spin but I’ve kept quiet.”

Baldwin continued going after Stone, building on the story behind the aforementioned scene in Sliver. “The story of the meeting I had with Bob Evans imploring him allow me to choreograph the final sex scene in the photo below so I wouldn’t have to kiss Sharon is absolute legend. Wonder if I should write a book and tell the many, many disturbing, kinky and unprofessional tales about Sharon? That might be fun.”

For her part, Stone would suggest that she worked with far better actors (see: Douglas, Michael) who didn’t need any sort of special assignments to deliver a good performance. She also supposedly had final say on who would be the male lead in Sliver but was overstepped by Hollywood legend Evans.

Sliver was part of Joe Eszterhas’ run of adult-geared thrillers (particularly of the erotic kind), hitting a high mark with Basic Instinct – which has its own sketchy behind-the-scenes stories – the sale of which made him the highest-paid screenwriter in the business.

Where does Sliver rank in your favorite Joe Eszterhas movies? Pick your fav in the comments section below.

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